Doctor Who: Endlife Crisis [Fanfiction]

The final pieces of the puzzle were slotting into place just as a firm foundation of the jigsaw came unglued

The Doctor’s home had been infiltrated, a sneak attack from his treacherous foe The Master, now in possession of a Deathworm Morphant, he had broken free from the confines of a prison box and had snidely slid underneath the console. He, or rather now it, was now choking the life out of the heart of the machine. Dancing across the console were lively and dangerously explosive sparks that threatened The Doctor with electrocution or worse upon each attempt to approach the controls.

The enemy from within had struck, and there was now much disharmony.

For The Doctor, this was a test unlike any other.

Across the echoes of unretainable memory, he could feel them, the commotion of his past and future selves, even a younger take on his present, urging him to finish his end of the calculations required to preserve Gallifrey and spare it from the final phase of the great Time War that threatened to sever all strands in the greater tapestry of time.

For The Doctor, concentration was paramount, he knew he had to act swiftly, and be quick about it. He had to find a means of expelling The Master, bring the TARDIS to order, and complete his mission for himself and all of Time Lord Society.

This was a showdown, high noon, high stakes.

He had to be the fastest gun in the west. He had to shoot first.

He swiftly commenced the action, dancing around the right side of the console, stabilising co-ordinates, remaining solidly within the orbit of the Rassilon Era just long enough to cross the boundaries dividing one world from another, creating the bridge from which to phase the planet and it’s people successfully within a pocket of reality that would protect them from the Daleks, for a time.

Oh how The Master had tried to bring the ship firmly under his/it’s heel, but there was no stopping the grit and determination of its pilot, if this were to be the end of his Seventh life, he would treat this crisis like it weren’t any such thing at all.

Towards the end of your life, things become quite clear to you. You make up for old mistakes, only to be born anew and face fresh ones. A crisis enables you to find purpose again, and above all other things, a chance for some small measure of redemption.

His thoughts turned to Ace’s dying words, in the precious few seconds before Dorothy stepped somewhere over the rainbow, with his reassurance the only thing she could carry with her.

Professor…we did good didn’t we?

Yes Ace. We did good.

The Doctor lowered the monitor to the left of him, the familiar ring of the cloister bell emitted from the ship, and his sense of euphoria was swiftly shrouded by two words that could break his very hearts if he’d let it.


“Oh no” he quietly said in a greatly diminished and sorrowful manner.

To his credit, The Doctor would not give his own lingering doubts any true satisfaction, or a hold over his senses; he would approach this end with the dignity of a Prydonian

He completed his end of the monumental task just as a sharp jolt threw the TARDIS off course and plunged it back into the tides of time, on a collision course with Earth as it prepared to make an emergency landing.

The Doctor marched across the TARDIS corridors with militant bluster, heading towards the chamber where he had kept the box containing The Master in isolation, only when he viewed its remains, noting it had been shattered from the inside, did he let the full weight of the reality to come overtake him.

The TARDIS descended through the time and space vortex, its mission to preserve Gallifrey temporarily put on hold, until the next life and the next phase of calculations.

Another time, another place, and another Doctor.

As the cloister bell tolled and the TARDIS descended on to Earth at the turn of the 21st century, in the year 1999, as his seventh life drew closer to its close, The Doctor thought back to those first conscious thoughts of the end to come, twice upon a time.

It’s far from being all over