The Transformers: Season Two, Episode ‘Fifty’ [fanedit]

The second season of Transformers Generation One is the only one of the four seasons to not have something truly climatic or high-stake for a season finale, concluding on one of the worst entries in the series in “B.O.T”. The series bridged the gap between seasons two and three with the movie (or Scramble City and the Movie in some markets), and that feature was later broken up into parts for syndication.

I figured I’d give the second season something of a high-note to end on, so I took twenty or so minutes of the movie (the majority of the first act), using the 30th anniversary blu-ray and repurposed them to function as a standalone season two finale.


-Upscaled Transformers G1 season two intro and end credits added at the beginning and end
-Transformers G1 commercial bumpers inserted upon a shot fading to black
-No appearances or hints of Unicron