Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man: King’s Ransom Conclusion [Fanedit]

The Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man issue released last week needn’t have been necessary IMO, this could have been told over the course of just two issues, or three counting only a fraction of the events in Amazing Spider-Man#66 (which concerned itself more with advancing the Kindred plotline) .

Instead, Marvel tried to choke your wallets with putting a major status quo shift in the pages of a random one-shot that most readers weren’t aware factored majorly in the thrust of the plotlines of the main book. I’m not sure whether or not the book underperformed as a whole for the month, but it wasn’t as high as I figure it could have ranked on some charts I’d seen.

Not that the issue was bad or anything, and it did push the stories forward, but at the same time it felt rather ‘inconclusive’, with the very ending instructing you to go buy the next issue that deals with the immediate aftermath.

I figured this one-shot deserved to tell a more complete story to give readers who had been perhaps only following this story (either as Kingpin or Boomerang/Superior Foes fans, or had heard the buzz about the ‘new’ Spider-Man costume), a decent jumping off point if they so wish, and to do that the book needed to feel like it had reached a definitive stop, no next issue holdovers.

So that’s what I’ve done. Took some of the pages from ASM#66 related to the King’s Ransom arc and not the Kindred saga (though, besides Fisk’s flashbacks, old present day Kindrey does show up on a page) and rearranged a couple of panels and dialogue boxes to tighten the bolts.

With this edit, Marvel needn’t hold any conclusion to ransom