Amazing Spider-Man: The Night Gwen Stacy Lived [Comic Book Fanedit]

It’s safe to say the comic book editing bug has officially bitten me…as I unviel the first of no less than three Amazing Spider-Man projects I’ve been working on today. I actually made this one as a gift for one of my old friends over on Rangerboard who is a massive Gwen stan.

I often tease Gwen fans a lot on places like Youtube and Comicvine. I’ve never really gotten her appeal and my introduction to her as a comics reader was…well..the story where she died, and the more I read up on her, the less I liked her, greatly preferring Mary Jane.

So why would I bother with this? Well, first there is the afore-mentioned Gwen stan friend of mine, the second is the issue part of this book is based on, “What If Gwen Stacy Had Lived” is a bit of an underlooked treasure in the Marvel vaults, rarely if ever reprinted or collected, but it’s actually written fairly well, Peter is in character, and the situation is somewhat believable.

For people constantly clamouring for a continuity where Gwen is alive and happy with Peter, they usually find themselves in short supply, so there’s that too. For many, the Night Gwen Stacy died set the tone for the rest of Spider-Man’s life, some will say it led to a better life, but for some, the days spent hanging out at the discos and coffe beans with all your college friends and first loves is a dream one wishes they could never wake up from.

Just be thankful I didn’t add anything from Sins Past in this.