Doctor Who-Dimensions In Time ‘Series 27 Cut’ (Fanedit]

Dimensions In Time: Series 27 Cut is a fan edit of the 1993 30th anniversary story Dimensions In Time It a 24-minute cut using the 4K remaster available on Youtube, with the Ace Series 26 blu-trailer minisode, Time Fracture U.N.I.T Logs, and a few minutes of Lockdown Who’s Doctors Assemble all mixed into it.


That Will Always Be ‘Enough’ [Original Story]

Calvin Ellison was on his way to work, he kissed his wife goodbye, he promised his daughter he’d help assemble her model train set over the weekend, he apologized to his eldest son for the heated argument they had the night before, and he set off on his journey.

The journey normally took about an hour; today Calvin only managed five minutes, before a car hurtling down the busy streets at breakneck speed struck him down in no shorter than the span of three seconds.

His eardrums were significantly banged up, so he could only hear the faintest of commotions from onlookers, all discussing what to best do with him.

His sight was blurry, difficult to make images come to clear and vivid life, but he noticed various fleshly shapes causing commotion with someone he believed had stepped outside of the car, they were giving him quite a thorough telling off.

Perhaps that was enough to satisfy him, for it was the last situation he would see unravel before all too telling darkness overtook him.

Then came the voice, the last voice he would ever hear as Calvin Ellison, creeping into what remained of his active mind.

“Hello” said the voice

 “Who are you?” Calvin asked.

“I am what you will carry with you while you’re on your way, I am ‘Enough’”



“Well I’ve had just about ‘enough’ of this nightmare, when do I wake up?”

“I’m afraid this is it for you, you’re welcome to drop back in any time you want, but it will be a different life, a different approach. You won’t see your wife again, you can’t continue to mend fences with your son, you can’t give little Caroline her model train set…perhaps history will be kind and you’ll read about them, if they’re lucky and achieve fame or historical significance, they’ll be a part of you that remembers the ride you were on before-and that, is enough”

“Do I have enough to thank for that?”

“A joke” recognised ‘Enough’

“Much truth is said in jest” said Calvin.

“The truth is ‘enough’”  the voice replied.

 “Is that quite ‘enough’ out of you?” Calvin replied.

A suitcase appeared before him, opening it, Calvin found spiritual belongings, every memory, every anxiety, ever far flung romantic notion, every rejection, every reciprocation.

“There’s nothing in here but the heart on my sleeve” he says.

“And that will always be ‘enough’” the voice replied.

Calvin nodded, closed the suitcase, raised his hat to the disembodied voice, wherever and whomever it belonged to, took a bow, stepped back, and found himself slowly absorbed into the void, a final flicker of light briefly washed over him, followed by swift and sudden darkness.

Superman TAS: Risk and Revelation [Fanedit]

This is my Superman TAS fanedit, “Risk and Revelation”, a cut of the 2006 animated feature Brainiac Attacks where I shorten it’s length to a Kids WB-friendly 24 or so minutes, and end it with Lois finally learning Clark Kent and Superman are one and the same!

This edit was inspired by the great work of Fanedit895, he got the ball rolling on this and I owe a lot of how this version turned out to his generous feedback and enthusiasm for the project