Doctor Who: Try To Look Busy [Fanfiction]

“Has she made contact yet?” Yasmin asked as the TARDIS rocked back and forth as it tumultuously buffeted.

“She’s still fiddling with the telly” Dan said, pointing to the franticly busy time lord as she worked her fingers delicately

“Dan, that’s a highly sophisticated trans-galactic imaging booster signal” Yaz said, correcting him

“Well it looks like a telly to me” Dan replied. Yaz rolled her eyes.

“Look, what am I supposed to be doing here? I’m just a plasterer from Liverpool; I’m not some co-ordinator. How do you manage all this with the Doctor?” Dan asked

As determined as she was to focus on the current situation, Yaz felt obliged to give Dan a handy tip of the trade.

“You want to look impressive? Then try to look busy” she suggested.

“What?” Dan asked, befuddled.

“Look busy, pretend you know every inch of this console, pretend you know exactly which buttons to press, take a lucky guess if she asks you anything, Oh, and always make her feel important”

With one final tinker, the signal was ready to boost and The Doctor conveyed a message to anyone within the sound of her interplanetary voice.

“Can you hear me? We don’t have a lot of time, the flux is coming, and it’s bringing with it the Sontarans, Weeping Angels, creatures known as the Ravagers, and enemies from across the universe. This is the fight of our lives!”

Dan seized his opportunity.

“Doctor, we need you”

“It’s coming. Be ready” The Doctor replied, and turned off the signal. The booster could not divert too much power from the TARDIS at this delicate juncture, as The Doctor feared she may lose control of the vessel entirely and be flung backwards or forwards through the vortex.

She ran up to Dan and Yaz, inspecting their work.

“You two have done a smashing job keeping the old girl sturdy, I sent a quick message out into the universe; hope they caught my best side. I’ll take over from here”

Dan stepped aside so The Doctor could work away at the console. As he began to walk away, The Doctor tugged at his coat

“Hey, not so fast, I want to show you how to properly work the thing. Consider it your reward for looking busy, and thanks, always nice to feel needed”

“Thanks Doc” Dan said, giving Yaz a wink. Yaz shook her head, feigning annoyance, but gradually giving him a smile back.

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