Batman: The Killing Joke-The DCAU Cut (Reupload)

One of the irritable things about the later out-of-continuity DC movies that make use of the voice cast from the DC animated universe of shows…is that it often brings up the question of why don’t they just make a continuation? Surely it can’t be that problematic? Whatever their reasons, I feel like they waste big opportunities….and whenever they do go back to the DCAU, it’s largely for shits and giggles (Batman and Harley)

Anyway, The time has come to see if I can do something different with the Dark Knight. The goal here is to adapt “The Killing Joke” but give it more of a DCAU vibe, i.e, follow the continuity of Batman TAS/New Batman Adventures, include characters like Nightwing and Catwoman etc.

I am also creating a whole new sub-plot to replace the one with Batgirl from the first half of the movie…one that involves Bruce and Selina from Batman: Hush. I’m still working out the kinks in how to approach this, it might not be much due to Hush having it’s own thing going with it.

Obviously with Babs still being paralysed here, it’s not taking into account Batman Beyond…the reasons for that is my headcanon theory that when John chose Vixen over Hawkgirl in JLU, coupled with Bruce’s ongoing foreknowledge of the future, that timeline was pretty much erased. It is with the “Vixen Theory” in mind that I approach this edit, where things are now much different. I’ve also been influenced a great deal by the mammoth Bat/Cat push orchestrated by writer Tom King at DC (thanks for ruining it for the rest of us)


The New Batman Adventures: The Adventures Conclude


The New Batman Adventures never had a ‘proper’ climatic episode in the way that Superman: TAS and Justice League had, so I’ve considered an attempt at remedying that. My Batman Killing Joke edit (due out soon), is one possible elseworld take on that, but here I’m thinking of structuring a TV-length episode that can plug that gap.

To this end, you need to make use of the flashbacks from Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker and the prologue of The Killing Joke.


1. New Batman/Superman Adventures Intro
2. Begin with Tim’s capture
3. Flashbacks proceeds as normal until Joker dies and Tim breaks down
4. Switch to Killing Joke footage, Babs trying to talk to Bruce, Bruce cuts himself off, Babs almost loses it, quits being Batgirl, alter her narration to exclude a reference of ‘weeks’ passing
5. End with the pre-title scene of Batman Beyond Episode 1.
6. Credits

Doctor Who-Head For The Bed [Fanfiction]

“The end of the Universe, I always wondered it would feel like” The Doctor spoke as she and her companions faced down the naked fury of the Flux.

The galaxy-crushing phenomenon was headed straight towards them, and they had but mere moments to act or they too would be engulfed and consumed.

Dan Lewis chose to spend such precious moments of prevailing life to complain about the living arrangements on the ship.

“Here, is that a bed?” Dan asked, almost tripping over the sheets in the console room.

“Crash mat” The Doctor explained as she hammered the console.

“You can say it, it’s a mattress” Yaz responded, her hands folded.

“Fine, crash mattress then”

“When does a crash mat need sheets?” Dan asked, picking the assorted items up and tossing them at The Doctor, who swiftly caught it.

“Our man Dan here has a point” Yaz said.

The Doctor gave her a sharp look, coupled with a visible scowl. Yaz seemed to appreciate this sort of attention.

“Are you two having a spot of the domestics?” asked Dan.

“We get a little feisty whenever we’re cooped up in here” said Yaz.

“What you could do is some downtime with your family” The Doctor suggested.

“Can’t exactly try that now can I? Karvinista’s people have only gone and locked it in a kennel” Yaz argued.

“Yep, spot of the domestics alright” Dan replied, “Sort it out between you two, I’m gonna check on my house”

“You can’t exactly fit into it right now” Yaz pointed out.

“Yeah, well, you can all fit into this thing can’t you? It’s only a few feet wide to the untrained eye out there”

“Ah to be a wanderer in the fourth dimension, and I get stuck with the most one-dimensional people” The Doctor muttered.

“Here, half an hour ago you were saying how flashy you thought his laptop was” Yaz replied, growing restless with The Doctor’s attitude.

“Wasn’t his laptop was it?”

“Here, Yaz has got a point, you’re way out of order with that cheek of yours” said Dan.

“Look around you, everything’s out of order. Chaos is absolute, if you’re to stand a chance out there, you’ve got to let me work in here”

“You’re not alone in this fight Doctor, we can all help you put together some miracle, if you let us” Yasmin said, trying a much softer approach.

The cloister bell rang once more.

“You hear that Yaz? Do you? Because that is all you need to know. There’s no time for miracles”

“Really? I’m no expert, but I reckon that little warning’s telling you there’s no time to die either” Dan replied.

The Doctor and Yaz both looked at Dan as if he suddenly were the wisest man in the universe.

“Well, the laptop may have been a bomb, but I sure do appreciate you exploding onto the scene the way you have” The Doctor revealed.

Yaz glanced at The Doctor, a confident smile about her.

“What do you reckon? You, me, him, against all odds?”

The Doctor, instilled with a bit more confidence, gave Yaz a wink.

“If all else fails, head for the bed”