Batman: The Killing Joke-The DCAU Cut (Reupload)

One of the irritable things about the later out-of-continuity DC movies that make use of the voice cast from the DC animated universe of shows…is that it often brings up the question of why don’t they just make a continuation? Surely it can’t be that problematic? Whatever their reasons, I feel like they waste big opportunities….and whenever they do go back to the DCAU, it’s largely for shits and giggles (Batman and Harley)

Anyway, The time has come to see if I can do something different with the Dark Knight. The goal here is to adapt “The Killing Joke” but give it more of a DCAU vibe, i.e, follow the continuity of Batman TAS/New Batman Adventures, include characters like Nightwing and Catwoman etc.

I am also creating a whole new sub-plot to replace the one with Batgirl from the first half of the movie…one that involves Bruce and Selina from Batman: Hush. I’m still working out the kinks in how to approach this, it might not be much due to Hush having it’s own thing going with it.

Obviously with Babs still being paralysed here, it’s not taking into account Batman Beyond…the reasons for that is my headcanon theory that when John chose Vixen over Hawkgirl in JLU, coupled with Bruce’s ongoing foreknowledge of the future, that timeline was pretty much erased. It is with the “Vixen Theory” in mind that I approach this edit, where things are now much different. I’ve also been influenced a great deal by the mammoth Bat/Cat push orchestrated by writer Tom King at DC (thanks for ruining it for the rest of us)