Wonder Woman: Time Marches On [Fanedit]

For the longest time, I thought about an edit that tried to ‘contemporize’ Wonder Woman 1984, but the idea instead evolved into using some of that film as an alternative ‘present day’ to Wonder Woman 2017 instead.

The timeline reads like this:

-Movie opens with the score of the first film, but no narration from Diana, we pan down on the Earth and-
-Instantly cut to Barbra walking to work and meeting Diana
-Mall scene
-Diana at the cafe alone, sees the plane fly overhead
-Near entirety of WW 2017 plays out
-After the victory celebrations break out, cut back to present day with Babs being saved from the drunk by Diana
-Cut to Steve’s watch beginning to tick
-Diana and Barbara at the cafe talking about their lives
-Christmas scene and flyby.

There are two versions, one with Lynda Carter’s cameo towards the end, and another without with no sequel hook.

Download Here