The Right Age [Original Story]

When I was young, I loved being the right age. For me, the right age was any number between when you first learn to crawl and when you first learn to kiss. 

The latter was always the trickiest part to navigate through childhood. It was a treacherously slippery slope, and you could not so easily walk back on it unless the other participant was incredibly selfless and would let you on your way, never to speak of it again.

 The kiss could come at any time, at any age, and when it does you’re suddenly left with all sorts of responsibilities.

If it is an aunt, your grandmother, even your own mother, or an over enthusiastic father, uncle or cousin then the kissing is relieved of its responsibility. It is something that embarrasses you, but it still sets you free.

The kissing with increased responsibility can surface at any such occasion regardless, it can happen at a party, a friend’s party, a relatives’ party…why, even your party.

Just imagine that, at your own party, on your own terms, life can surprise you in such a swift, and more often a cruel and precise way. You can proceed from the right age through to the wrong time.

And the person that kisses you would then ask what I would do with my time, and her time, and then you’d have to think on your feet. What would you say? If words were currency, how would you spend it?

That’s when you think back to all the stories you read when you were the right age, the story of heroic knights valiantly fending off hordes of creatures too nightmarish to contemplate, all to prove something to a fair minded maiden who carried with her a torch by night that lit her way through the lecherous woodlands.

These creatures, that inhabited the cold and fearful forest, had curious customs as they swam in the dark.

Whenever the embers of the flame flickered, they would flinch and rally behind the other, encouraging one to push forward ahead of the other, and dare them to take the torch from the maiden, avoiding the knights altogether.

They would flicker, they would whisper, and that was when they would take a swift breath and blow the fiery embers out, plunging, and plaguing, the maiden and the knights with darkness everlasting, and driving them down the routes they were familiar with back to the safety of their castle.

I would think back to those stories, and I would tell them to those who drove the kisses forward, the ones that would love to know how I would spend my time in their company.

They would offer me their hand, they wished to lead me into their light, but through this story, I would make it abundantly clear I would much prefer to stay in the dark.

I had taken the power from them, and if they came to me with a knight in their corner, to show what I could have been, i would look past them too.

After all, I was still the right age, and this was the right time to start acting like it.

Iron Man 4 [Fanedit]

I was recently reminded of an old Iron Man 4 I made for the disgraced SDN Edition’s defunct website last year, upon reviewing it I felt it was much too long and I wished to approach it with fresh eyes, I believe if you focus chiefly on Tony and his supporting characters you get a tidy 100 minute or so movie that still tells the story of Civil War just as clearly along with much more

Movies used:

-Civil War
-Spider-Man Homecoming (scenes on the boat can work here as a climatic moment for Peter and Tony)
-Infinity War (for the ending)

And when it’s released on DVD:

-Spider-Man: No Way Home (for a post-credit scene)

A prototype version is current available. This is not final by any means. It has a placeholder sequence for post-credits using Homecoming and Amazing Spider-Man 2 footage

-Paramount Logo
-Old Marvel Studios Logo
-1991, Bucky kills Tony’s parents
-Tony chewed out by bitter Sukovian mom
-The first we see of Steve, Sam, Bucky and T’Challa is when they being brought in after being arrested, this allows us to get to the Steve and Tony argument quicker.
-‘A Film By Peter Parker’ added, Peter is the co-lead of this film so we largely follow his journey to Germany
-Most of Civil War plays out as normal after this
-Boat scene from Homecoming, Stark takes the suit from Peter
-Cut to the A.I constructs of the Starks and Tony addressing the student crowd (parts of this are used for the beginning also, but this is meant to be yet another group of students he’s granting money to)
-Tony and Pepper jogging in the park, we learn they’re now engaged, Doctor Strange interrupts them
-End credits
-Post-Credit scene (when No Way Home becomes available): We find Peter is now a drop out, but is still committed to being Spider-Man despite Tony’s doubts, he suits up in his freshly-sewn together classic costume and swings out into the night.

Post-Credit Scene (Placeholder Version): Peter tries in vain to text Happy, trying for a second chance, and we track him heading to school. We eventually see him skip school and swings off into the city in his new custom-made costume

But since this is Christmas, and after some feeback and back-and-forths with fellow faneditor Fanedi796, I put together an alternative cut

Timeline is as follows for this cut:


-Paramount Logo

-Old Marvel Studios Logo

-1991, Bucky kills Tony’s parents

-Tony chewed out by bitter Sukovian mom

-The first we see of Steve, Sam, Bucky and T’Challa is when they being brought in after being arrested, this allows us to get to the Steve and Tony argument quicker.

-‘A Film By Peter Parker’ added, Peter is the co-lead of this film so we largely follow his journey to Germany

-Most of Civil War plays out as normal after this

-After Cap beats up Tony, we cut to Peter raving about the trip to Germany and the car ride back with Stark and Happy.

-‘Two Months Later’, Peter on train

-Cut to the A.I constructs of the Starks and Tony addressing the student crowd (parts of this are used for the beginning also, but this is meant to be yet another group of students he’s granting money to)

Peter turns down being an Avenger, Pepper accepts Tony’s proposal

-Tony and Pepper jogging in the park, we learn they’re now engaged, Doctor Strange interrupts them

-Post credits: Peter at school, change into his ‘own’ suit and responds to a police chase in progress (Footage from Amazing Spider-Man 2)

Download Here


V.R Troopers: The Power of Gold [Fanedit]

Brad Hawkins was the voice of the original Gold Zeo Ranger, and there had been speculation his character from V.R Troopers, Ryan Steel, would join the series. That never happened, and instead we got triplet actors and ultimately the original Red Ranger Austin St. John back as Jason. That said, it’d be great if we could somehow make Ryan the Gold Ranger as intended, which brings up the task of merging some of the V.R Troopers multi-part season two kick off story “Quest For Power” with the debut of the Gold Ranger “The Power of Gold”, with the Gold Ranger powers being Ryan’s new Virtual armour


The Simpsons-‘Who Shot Mr. Burns’ [Fanedit]

The Simpsons for the last three decades, for good or for worse, has thrived on it’s promise of “have no fears, we’ve got stories for years”. What they evidently didn’t have for those many, many years was consistency or good writing. Consensus is the show is far too long in the tooth these days and it’s best years are behind it…though some will still contest that, younger generations who have only grown up with the last ten or so years, they might not even be aware the show was, while simpler, much funnier and endearing to their folks and grandfolks.

I’ve always considered the Frank Grimes episode “Homer’s Enemy” to be the ‘true’ series finale, given the town by that point have accepted Homer as the lovable town buffoon and are no longer offended, annoyed, or scared of that. Th show has gotten so detached from reality that It drives an everyman to suicide. Homer at his funeral, in his sleep, tells Marge to change the channel. Show’s over. Everyone should have done that.

I was tempted to make an edit of “Homer’s Enemy” to make it more climatic, but decided against it. Instead, perhaps I should go for the closest the first few seasons got to a final reckoning with Mr. Burns. “Who Shot Mr. Burns”, unaltered, is a timeless whodunnit where Burns destroys several Springfield institutions, routinely forgets his name, and angers the entire town by blocking out the sun, depriving them of free heat and energy.

Who can stop him? Why his sweet tooth of course.

You can splice the resolution of Burns’ shooting from “part two” into “part one” and carried on from there.. Since the first part of “Who Shot Mr. Burns” ends on a cliffhanger, you have to find something to end the show on, and my edits have always been kind of personal. Ideally, there’s only ever been one romance I’d love to see the series explore before it wraps for good, and that’s Lisa Simpson and Ralph Wiggum. A second Homer and Marge in the making. Yes, this edit would combine two episodes, “Who Shot Mr. Burns Part One” and a couple of scenes borrowed from “I Love Lisa”, leave out all the heart-wrenching stuff and leave in enough to give you the idea Lisa’s really into Ralph at the end and wants to take things slow. Mr. Burns is dead, and love conquers all. Change the channel Marge.

Download Here

Ultimate Spider-Man: The Animated Movie

Currently, I’m in the midst of re-cutting Ultimate Spider-Man as a series, but with No Way Home’s release immanent (it’s out in the UK sometime today), I wanted something to mark the occasion

The goal of this project is to stitch some, but not all, of Harry Osborn’s story arc from season one together. This film would use the trilogy where Harry becomes Venom as well as odds and ends of other episodes such as the pilot, “Exclusive” (just to give us some Peter and Mary Jane interaction), and “Attack of the Beatle” for the final scene, giving Agent Coulson and Aunt May some development and ending the film on an upbeat note

I had the idea of also using the live-action alternate ending to Iron Man 1, where Fury is talking to Tony about radioactive spider-bites among other things. He makes mention of a ‘spoiled brat who has difficulty playing with others’. He’s referring to Tony in the deleted scene, but he may as well be referring to Peter in this version.

This does not rock the boat as far as removing the comedic side-gags or fourth wall breaks, so if you weren’t a fan of those, you’re going to have to grin and bear it

Most commercial fades have been cut

Special thanks to reddit user focketskenge, who’s own USM edit inspired me to tackle this show


Superman II: The Prettiest Girl In The Cut [Fanedit]

Previously availible on the now defunct and disgraced SDN Editions website, this, which began life as one of my earliest fanediting project ever (though took much longer to be fully realised), now comes to Zaredit in time for the holidays

Combines the Kryptonian villains plot of Superman II with the Lana and Smallville story of Superman III


Doctor Who: Now Nor Never [Fanfiction]


Why is now never the right time? Time seeks to find just what makes her former champion feel (alternative take on The Doctor’s conversation on Atoropos), Flux finale spoilers.

It was just the two of them now.

A lord, or mistress, of time, and time itself.

Azure and Swarm had been swept away, as if they were confetti.

All too simple a despatch, The Doctor had hoped for something more. Something grander, but maybe this was all there was to time. Death so instant it barely registers.

“Is this it then? My reckoning?” The Doctor asked.

“You’ve been in this predicament before Doctor, you know what comes next” Time replied.

“I’ve never wished to go. Ever”

“But you must, it is the way of all things. Life begins, life thrives, life ends”

The Doctor stood defiant.

“Life begins anew, every time”

Time was particularly triggered by this. Insulted even.

“I am all time, and I say no…It doesn’t. I cut it short, or I can let it linger. Even from here, trapped in this place, I reach out to test the fates of many. I am the fire in which you all burn”

“What happened to you?” The Doctor asked, “I don’t remember much of who I used to be, but in the days before the time war I was very much in your favour. Time’s champion, that’s what you called me. I did everything for you, I manipulated my friends, my loved ones, my family, I broke so many hearts to make sure all the ones in the universe kept beating for as long as you deemed fit”

“Time grows weary, time grows impatient, and time grows thin. Time must flow, it must run free, and it must let this age old universe know that time is almost up”

The Doctor came to a swift, and horrifying, realization.

“You want to die? Time wants to run out on itself, extinguish itself”

“Rassilon had the right idea, cause and effect, it leads to too much hurt, and pain, and war. To be free of all matter, and leave nothing but the soul to linger, to explore the limitless living imagination, where nobody need perish, or flux, or wither, nor change their state, is ever so more blissful”

“Life cannot remain encased in ember, we need to grow, to change” The Doctor insisted.

“And what of you Doctor? You have it all now. The memories you were denied, open that watch you carry and they are yours to have again. But you aren’t going to do that are you? You were my champion, and yet you cannot champion yourself”

“Whoever I was may change who I am now” The Doctor replied, Time felt even more confounded and insulted by this, the ire in her temper rose.

“You were told, in the recesses of the very Matrix, by a projection of a fugitive incarnation, that you had never been defined by who you were before. You agreed then, why not now? Why is now never the right time?”

The Doctor was hesitant to answer; Time caught on to exactly why, and laughed.

“It’s not for you is it? You don’t want to change because who you are now means so much more to other people. You live for another, so many others. Who are they Doctor? Why are they so special to you? What do they make you feel?”

The Doctor tried to bury the answer, but Time’s presence compelled her to speak, compelled her to obey. Perhaps the thoughts were coming to her, being made to manifest, because an opportune moment had arrived, one with witness and with potential reward.

Perhaps it was time after all.

“What do they make you feel?”

“Human” The Doctor quietly acknowledged, “They make me feel human”

“But of course” Time replied, triumphant.

“Satisfied?” The Doctor asked.

“You are, as always, your better half Doctor. You may go. I won’t stop you; I reunify your three divided selves. But know this, time may flow, but it will always finish. One soul at a time. The difference between myself and Death is Death has taken your bodies, time has always taken the soul, and the day is approaching, my champion, where yours will be claimed, and there will be no regeneration, no reincarnation, that will wrench you back. You will belong to the everlasting end, and you will nourish me until I am no longer upon even myself. Beware the forces that mass against you-and their Master”

“Master? Who do you speak of?”

“He who I still call Death’s Champion” Time replied.

As The Doctor’s selves were merged back into one, and she found herself flung back towards the TARDIS, no longer unstuck, her thoughts reflected on the meaning of Time’s words, and the significance of who she referred to.

The universe was no longer a chess board, but a battlefield. And commonly, in the days of the Seventh, its champions would descend upon it once more, locked in combat.

Only she wasn’t a champion any longer. For Time had found her wanting.

Time for her, was running out.

Death now lay in wait.

And, like the days of the Tenth, she did not want to go.

Now, nor never.


I knew Chibnall was cribbing a lot from expanded media, but how did this opportunity pass him by? Consider this a treat for all New Adventures novels fans.