Doctor Who: The Rhythm [Fanfiction]

An alternate take on The Doctor’s confrontation with Tecteun in ‘Survivors of the Flux’

“What The Master told me, is it true?” The Doctor demanded of the great experimenter Tecteun, she who she knew as her adoptive mother who founded the basis for much of time lord society.

Tectuan would comply with the demand with a simple and single word.


The Doctor glanced over at a glass case; she could feel a billion tiny voices intrude on her mind as she took a glimpse at its contents, a Gallifreyan fob watch, a chameleon arch she had used to shield herself from the family of blood, and the one her Fugitive incarnation had made use of to hide from the Judoon.

“Inside that watch contains every memory, every incarnation, from your very beginnings, to your second, third, and a thousand childhoods” Tectuan elaborated.

“All I have to do is open it, and it’s all revealed to me…who I am, what I am, what I have been before all this”

“You were always a meddler Doctor, except you meddled for us”

“Do you know my real name? Or was it always ‘Doctor?’ even then?” The Doctor asked.

“It was your universal reputation. We were Time Lords then, all that awaited us beyond the pull of the vortex revealed to us the gossip of the galaxies, the word for ‘healer’ and ‘wise man’, spoken across a thousand languages across a thousand generations. Words of your deeds reached us before you even acted them out. You, in deed, led us to christen you ‘Doctor'”

“But who was I before? What was my name before? Mum, what did you call me?”

Tecteun scoffed.

“Why would you entertain such sentimental nonsense?”

“Because you’re not all bad, you were there, at the house of Naismith, on the day Rassilon brought forth the end of time. I had taken up arms, I was prepared to shoot him dead where he stood, a last valiant stand, an unruly student facing down his teachers and masters for what could have been the last time, the four knocks were coming, I had little left to lose. And then I saw you…who stood as a Weeping Angel of old would stand now, your hands parted so I could see your face, and you know what I saw? I saw love. There was no conflict of interest, for an instant of life, there was no ‘division’ between us, you looked upon me with care and affection, you were heartbroken, you feared for me, your eyes penetrated into my soul and compelled it to shatter the link, not either one of our two hearts”

“Do you still believe in that? Love?” Tecteun asked.

“Love is what awaits me on the Earth. The love of my friends, one in particular, one I miss every waking second. For her, the hours and years are nothing, she lives for that moment she’ll see me again. That’s what everyone on planet Earth does, what people do all across the universe. They don’t concern themselves with space or time, they’re never in flux, they’re always in the moment and of the moment, and from those moments they are defined”

Tecteun wasn’t impressed with The Doctor’s theatrics.

“That person you knew, the one who stood up to Rassilon, was several lifetimes ago, I was punished for daring to speak out. That’s all bravery rewards you with. A moment of shame that stands for eternity. This universe is not deserving of my defiance, nor your love. It deserves to perish, and the flux shall bring that end forward. Mourn for this old reality Doctor, and embrace the new”

The Doctor stared back at the fob watch, the rhythm of a thousand timeless voices growing louder, and much clearer.

She permitted herself a small tiny burst of temporary relief.

The voices were at least that, at no point did they resemble the rhythm of four.

The rhythm of a drum beat.