Ultimate Spider-Man: The Animated Movie

Currently, I’m in the midst of re-cutting Ultimate Spider-Man as a series, but with No Way Home’s release immanent (it’s out in the UK sometime today), I wanted something to mark the occasion

The goal of this project is to stitch some, but not all, of Harry Osborn’s story arc from season one together. This film would use the trilogy where Harry becomes Venom as well as odds and ends of other episodes such as the pilot, “Exclusive” (just to give us some Peter and Mary Jane interaction), and “Attack of the Beatle” for the final scene, giving Agent Coulson and Aunt May some development and ending the film on an upbeat note

I had the idea of also using the live-action alternate ending to Iron Man 1, where Fury is talking to Tony about radioactive spider-bites among other things. He makes mention of a ‘spoiled brat who has difficulty playing with others’. He’s referring to Tony in the deleted scene, but he may as well be referring to Peter in this version.

This does not rock the boat as far as removing the comedic side-gags or fourth wall breaks, so if you weren’t a fan of those, you’re going to have to grin and bear it

Most commercial fades have been cut

Special thanks to reddit user focketskenge, who’s own USM edit inspired me to tackle this show

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