The Simpsons-‘Who Shot Mr. Burns’ [Fanedit]

The Simpsons for the last three decades, for good or for worse, has thrived on it’s promise of “have no fears, we’ve got stories for years”. What they evidently didn’t have for those many, many years was consistency or good writing. Consensus is the show is far too long in the tooth these days and it’s best years are behind it…though some will still contest that, younger generations who have only grown up with the last ten or so years, they might not even be aware the show was, while simpler, much funnier and endearing to their folks and grandfolks.

I’ve always considered the Frank Grimes episode “Homer’s Enemy” to be the ‘true’ series finale, given the town by that point have accepted Homer as the lovable town buffoon and are no longer offended, annoyed, or scared of that. Th show has gotten so detached from reality that It drives an everyman to suicide. Homer at his funeral, in his sleep, tells Marge to change the channel. Show’s over. Everyone should have done that.

I was tempted to make an edit of “Homer’s Enemy” to make it more climatic, but decided against it. Instead, perhaps I should go for the closest the first few seasons got to a final reckoning with Mr. Burns. “Who Shot Mr. Burns”, unaltered, is a timeless whodunnit where Burns destroys several Springfield institutions, routinely forgets his name, and angers the entire town by blocking out the sun, depriving them of free heat and energy.

Who can stop him? Why his sweet tooth of course.

You can splice the resolution of Burns’ shooting from “part two” into “part one” and carried on from there.. Since the first part of “Who Shot Mr. Burns” ends on a cliffhanger, you have to find something to end the show on, and my edits have always been kind of personal. Ideally, there’s only ever been one romance I’d love to see the series explore before it wraps for good, and that’s Lisa Simpson and Ralph Wiggum. A second Homer and Marge in the making. Yes, this edit would combine two episodes, “Who Shot Mr. Burns Part One” and a couple of scenes borrowed from “I Love Lisa”, leave out all the heart-wrenching stuff and leave in enough to give you the idea Lisa’s really into Ralph at the end and wants to take things slow. Mr. Burns is dead, and love conquers all. Change the channel Marge.

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