Spider-Man One-Shot Project

I aim to  celebrate the 60th anniversary of the greatest comic book hero of the modern age of Marvels, the arach-knight himself. Peter Parker, Spider-Man in what I hope will be a small seven page anthology comic chronicling seven interconnected tiny moments that shapes Peter’s  past, immediate present and future…all in a way that suits my own headcanon of course, and hopefully yours too. It is intended as a small epilogue and continuation of Nick Spencer’s run, picking up on loose ends and taking advantage of missed opportunities. 

The last decade or so has been a trying one for both Spider-Man and his fans, and I feel obligated to reward him and them for being able to bear the burden of it all.

These seven Spider-Man strips contained in my custom anniversary one shot would in turn serve as ‘teasers’ for fully fleshed out fan comics, tiny insights into a much larger story. A comics run in miniature so to speak. They would represent the first ‘seven issues’ of what I would do if I were at the helm of this title. Again, all this depends on funds, time, and patience.

I again would like to thank the exhaustive efforts of my present cover artist for putting in the hours for his work on drafts that I’ll be looking over. I feel for you and appreciate all your hard work. I hope it isn’t costing you too much, in the pocket or otherwise