Spider-Man Fan Comic Project Update

Page One (of Six) is complete, and with it the first story. Each page will be a self-contained six to seven panel story.

The lettered version will be available when the book is ready.

Next one might take a while as I need to save up for it

Spider-Man Fan Comic Project Update: The Cover

Exciting times are ahead true believers. I am proud to now unveil what will be the front cover of my 60th Anniversary Spider-Man fanfiction comic book project.

This gorgeous illustration was made possible by my own funds and the skillful talent of Roger Bonet Martinez.

And yes, the cover does reflect a certain story that you will find inside of it’s pages. One of several strips I’ve written and will be commissioning in the coming months.

I will not be charging anyone any money for this project, for one, I would end up with a cease and desist if I were to remotely profit from it, the copyright rests entirely with Marvel and Disney. This is for fun, if I do receive any requests to stop what I’m doing, it will be respected.

Stay tuned for more updates

Doctor Who-This Is Ours [Fan Manga]

Something a bit different. Our specially commissioned Doctor Who Valentines Day special!

As a means of ‘testing’ to see if I could write a self contained one-page comic, I put this together where The Thirteenth Doctor takes Graham to CAL in a dream shortly before she regenerates and tells him this is where he’ll end up when he dies, then drops a¬†pregnancy bombshell¬†on him.

I know the more popular pairing is Thasmin, but I’ve had a history of writing ‘Thraham’ fanfics for over three years now and darn it I’m not giving the habit up ’till Jodie’s day in the spotlight is over

Congratulations to Jodie on her second child!

Batman & Robin: A Different Lens [Reupload] [FANEDIT]

When a villain cold to the touch and a woman who’s kiss is lethal to the touch cross paths with Batman and Robin, emotions flare and tension heats up. Will the dynamic duo go into meltdown?


I believe it was Akiva Goldsman that said it best in the documentary/retrospective for the movie, “there are different lenses with which to see the world”, and likened Batman and Robin to one of the more traditional silver age stories where good overcame evil and there was a modest and wholesome message as well as a true feel of family.

This is not a hard edit by any means, I’ve left the third act completely intact, but I’ve scaled back the more farcical aspects of the Batman and Robin arguing, the trust issues are more prominent than the bickering over Ivy, and both fights dovetail into one another with organic ease. No, there’s no bat-credit card, no there’s no Robin being thrown into a vat of goo either. No “Mr. Frosty” singalong, there is an attempt to scaling back Freeze’s ice puns etc.

Cuts and Additions:

– Cut Museum fight, film opens with Batman and Robin in flight, escaping the rocket and pursuing Freeze
– Removed Ivy and Bane’s origin. We first meet her at the Observatory
– Freeze is no longer interupted when he’s watching his home movies
– Bat-Credit card and the dynamic duo’s bickering over Ivy removed
– Some of Freeze’s jokes when locked up removed
– Bruce and Dick’s conversations about Ivy while investigating Freeze’s hideout removed
– Bruce and Dick’s fight over Ivy and Dick falling into the vat of goop removed.
– More of Bruce and Dick’s arguing after seeing Alfred has been minimised
– Third act remains intact
– Post-Credit Scene added.

Download Here

Batman: Chase Me [Fanedit]

The New Batman Adventures “Chase Me” short is a lovely little piece with some priceless Bat/Cat moments, but it down end on a bit of a downer.

This edit, utilising footage from The Long Halloween, doesn’t change much in the way of that, but it does give the thing a bit more of a bittersweet, ye more hopeful ending for our favourite rooftop romance

Download Here