Batman & Robin: A Different Lens [Reupload] [FANEDIT]

When a villain cold to the touch and a woman who’s kiss is lethal to the touch cross paths with Batman and Robin, emotions flare and tension heats up. Will the dynamic duo go into meltdown?


I believe it was Akiva Goldsman that said it best in the documentary/retrospective for the movie, “there are different lenses with which to see the world”, and likened Batman and Robin to one of the more traditional silver age stories where good overcame evil and there was a modest and wholesome message as well as a true feel of family.

This is not a hard edit by any means, I’ve left the third act completely intact, but I’ve scaled back the more farcical aspects of the Batman and Robin arguing, the trust issues are more prominent than the bickering over Ivy, and both fights dovetail into one another with organic ease. No, there’s no bat-credit card, no there’s no Robin being thrown into a vat of goo either. No “Mr. Frosty” singalong, there is an attempt to scaling back Freeze’s ice puns etc.

Cuts and Additions:

– Cut Museum fight, film opens with Batman and Robin in flight, escaping the rocket and pursuing Freeze
– Removed Ivy and Bane’s origin. We first meet her at the Observatory
– Freeze is no longer interupted when he’s watching his home movies
– Bat-Credit card and the dynamic duo’s bickering over Ivy removed
– Some of Freeze’s jokes when locked up removed
– Bruce and Dick’s conversations about Ivy while investigating Freeze’s hideout removed
– Bruce and Dick’s fight over Ivy and Dick falling into the vat of goop removed.
– More of Bruce and Dick’s arguing after seeing Alfred has been minimised
– Third act remains intact
– Post-Credit Scene added.

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