Pokemon: The Series Finale [Fanedit]

This idea was inspired by the brilliant feature-length “Power of One” Finale edit created by Fanedit796, special thanks to him for lending me a preview of it. He and I share the same ideas in regards to Pokemon, believing it should have come to an end twenty years ago when it was in it’s prime. His Power of One ending makes use of the original Japanese trailer for Mewtwo Strikes Back, depicting an older Misty having a day out in the park with her daughter and Pikachu.

I’d like to try a different approach and not just copy with 796 did, instead of a movie, I want to split the movie into three TV length components, a climatic storyline in the Orange Island season. Although my ending would end more or less the same as his, I’d add my own special touches to it.

The thing is, the original Japan trailer for Mewtwo Strikes Back has remained lost media and only a really poor transfer exists on Youtube. 895 ran into this same bother and had to do his best to put it through some filter to make it look a bit more presentable.

As a proof of concept for this edit, I did the same thing, adding in a different choice of soundtrack, some ‘final’ narration, and a final shot of Ash, Misty and Tracy waving goodbye from an Orange Islands episode

Download Here