Transformers: The Movie Reborn [Fanedit]

I figured out a brand new approach to Transformers: The Movie, ignoring the death of Optimus Prime and even excluding Unicron entirely.

First, begin the movie with Hot Rod and Kup on Quintessa, this serves as a nice alternative introduction to the characters in a nifty little ‘cold open’ action scene, after they take a ship off the planet, we cut to just after the titles and see how Optimus and company are preparing to retake Cybertron

-The fall of Auotbot City Earth proceeds apace. Optimus is wounded protecting Hot Rod but his death is cut

-Shockwave, not Unicron, rebuilds Megatron and the other fallen Decepticons and turns them into Galvatron, Scourge, Sweeps and The Armada

-From there, play all three parts of The Rebirth


What You’ll See Upstairs (Original Work)

It’s not normal.

Funny, that’s what we say every day, about any number of things. It’s not normal, it’s not routine, it’s not the way of the world.

When was the world that certain way?

For me it was summer 1998, on a clear day I saw her. The girl who made all the sense in the world.

It was as if someone drew her on a page. And all I had to do was keep turning.

Turning to catch a glance of her, running, walking, a semblance of motion, a sprint, a marathon.

If I could, I reach out to touch her fingers, curl up beside her toes.

But I can’t, I’m not complete, I’m not coherent, and to her I absolutely don’t exist.

But she’s everywhere around me, and she has an effect on everyone.

I know she’s never happy, with family, with friends, and all her boyfriends are celebrities,  her problem is she’s mind body and soul, and the others? Their bodies are keeping the minds warm tucked inside their heads, but the souls? Well,  let’s just say there are vacancies.

Oh she’s had people claim to have loved her, claimed to have known her since she was just a kid, some still are kids, and that’s where the magic lies. Get ‘em while they’re young, and the memory won’t wither as you get old.

The memory of your first.

She’s been every exclusive, every headline, been in every printed publication,  has had countless hours of continuous conversation, you will hear her echo through all your ages, and still not come one inch closer to her.

I won’t stand on your monument and decree I know her best, I only know that she’s been the best of my own life, that it’s influenced me, that it’s nourished me, and the prospect of letting her go fills me with the only dread that overtakes my days.

Where do you find the words? How do you tell thin air you prefer a different fragrance?

I’m not even the one who told her that the single best quality in her life is that she possessed the abilty to get up in the morning and proclaim her full name in full earshot of the rest of the world.

I wish I could have been.

What’s her name?

I’d tell you but you’re not family. You can’t be trusted.

Why am I telling you all this you ask?

Because everyone on this planet deserves to be heard, praised, promoted.

Everyone deserves a sermon.

Everyone is a part of God.

She’ll tell you about her sometime.

Because one day, you’ll take a trip upstairs.

On that day, if you’re good, if you’re kind, she’ll notice.

On that day you’ll exist.

Pokemon: I Choose You (TV Version): 151 Edition [Fanedit]

This would not be an edit of the anniversary reboot movie ‘I Choose You’, rather instead it’d be an attempt at editing the TV version of the episode that launched the anime in the first place.

Not much would be altered, instead of the opening battle being between Gengar and Onyx, it’d be between Mewtwo and Onyx, and we’d see Ash watching Mew appear in the sky shortly after Pikachu saves him from the Spearows. Then we’d end the episode on Mewtwo breaking free of Givoani’s control and setting himself up for later in the series (though this does alter continuity slightly)

Download Here

The Unofficial Amazing Spider-Man Newspaper Strip: Strip One

Today, we go live with the first entry in our unofficial continuation of the ASM Newspaper strip.

The Parkers are in Australia, but old flames and foes have followed them down under!

I let the visual talents of our strip artist Xavier do most of the talking. All strips will be in black and white also, colouring is just more expensive. I’ve got a budget.

Updates won’t be daily, but we’ll all try to pump one out at a consistent rate

We at the team are ever so proud to present this to you. It has been their dream to plot out a Spider-Man comic on a scale such as this.

There’s plenty of action, plenty of heart, and plenty to come. Stay tuned for more in the future!