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What You’ll See Upstairs (Original Work)

It’s not normal.

Funny, that’s what we say every day, about any number of things. It’s not normal, it’s not routine, it’s not the way of the world.

When was the world that certain way?

For me it was summer 1998, on a clear day I saw her. The girl who made all the sense in the world.

It was as if someone drew her on a page. And all I had to do was keep turning.

Turning to catch a glance of her, running, walking, a semblance of motion, a sprint, a marathon.

If I could, I reach out to touch her fingers, curl up beside her toes.

But I can’t, I’m not complete, I’m not coherent, and to her I absolutely don’t exist.

But she’s everywhere around me, and she has an effect on everyone.

I know she’s never happy, with family, with friends, and all her boyfriends are celebrities,  her problem is she’s mind body and soul, and the others? Their bodies are keeping the minds warm tucked inside their heads, but the souls? Well,  let’s just say there are vacancies.

Oh she’s had people claim to have loved her, claimed to have known her since she was just a kid, some still are kids, and that’s where the magic lies. Get ‘em while they’re young, and the memory won’t wither as you get old.

The memory of your first.

She’s been every exclusive, every headline, been in every printed publication,  has had countless hours of continuous conversation, you will hear her echo through all your ages, and still not come one inch closer to her.

I won’t stand on your monument and decree I know her best, I only know that she’s been the best of my own life, that it’s influenced me, that it’s nourished me, and the prospect of letting her go fills me with the only dread that overtakes my days.

Where do you find the words? How do you tell thin air you prefer a different fragrance?

I’m not even the one who told her that the single best quality in her life is that she possessed the abilty to get up in the morning and proclaim her full name in full earshot of the rest of the world.

I wish I could have been.

What’s her name?

I’d tell you but you’re not family. You can’t be trusted.

Why am I telling you all this you ask?

Because everyone on this planet deserves to be heard, praised, promoted.

Everyone deserves a sermon.

Everyone is a part of God.

She’ll tell you about her sometime.

Because one day, you’ll take a trip upstairs.

On that day, if you’re good, if you’re kind, she’ll notice.

On that day you’ll exist.

Let Me Pitch This-The ‘Final Season Of The Simpsons’ [Fanedit Idea]


Hey hey kids.

I would like to request input and advise on a special project I’m proposing to talented fans, a fan-made  ‘final season’, of the show we can achieve this by carefully cherry-picking the best of any post-season eight episodes, ones that provide sufficient ‘closure’ for some existing plot points and character arcs, or by fan-editing/fan-mixing episodes together, (this can include material from the various Treehouse of Horrors also), to add to the ‘season’.

Youtube Channels like ‘Dark Simpsons’ shows editing episodes into something totally different can be achieved, so we surely can attempt it on a bigger scale.

Here is an article that have helped me so far:

Potential concepts for edited episodes (not set in stone, just ideas I’m pitching)

-Edit The Simpsons Movie into a 60-minute special for ‘fall sweeps’ (I’ve kind of already got this one in the bag)

-Who Shot Mr. Burns?-Edited down to one part, Burns dies for real after Maggie shoots him. Entire investigation cut (he tried to block out the sun, screw him)

-Possibly using “The Principal and the Pauper” only cutting out the parts that put the status quo back in place. Maybe have Skinner leave town on the motorbike and never come back. Fill up space by adding this as a b-plot to another episode’s a-plot.

If anyone would like to chip in and recommend episodes that I could watch for inspiration or for episodes to edit/cut down/combine with others, please feel free to contribute.

Crack each other’s heads open, and feast on the goo inside. I for one welcome you as my overlords

Discuss and contribute to the reddit thread on the subject

Best and Worst List Of The Decade


Best of the decade

1. Black Mirror
2. The Witcher
3. The Mandalorian
4. Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie
5. Samurai Jack: The Final Series
6. Learning I’m To Be An Uncle
7. DC Rebirth
8. Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows
9. Professional Wrestling (2014-2019)

Worst of the decade

1. Brexit
2. Terror Attacks Across London and Pairs
3. Grenfell Tower
4. Power Rangers from 2011-2014
5. 2016 Celebrity Deaths
6. Doctor Who from 2011-2014
7. Trump
8. My mental breakdown in 2010
9. Death of Stan Lee

Fanedit Ideas-Doctor Who: The Woman Who Fell To Earth


Couple of ideas for the inevitable reedit of Doctor Who’s “The Woman Who Fell To Earth”

Alternative Opening Ideas

[Start on the train with the data coil arriving and menacing the passengers. Use the logo reveal video for a custom titles sequence when Jodie arrives, or shortly after she tells Ryan she’s looking for a Doctor

Perhaps open with Twelve regenerating into Thirteen and follow her descent from the TARDIS straight through to crashing through the train, cutting Ryan’s discovery of the Hershies Kiss alien pod and meeting up with Yaz

Another possible option is..maybe lose the twist with Grace? How about we switch Ryan’s comments at the start of the story with the bits about his Nan, or start in media res with Graham’s eulogy at the funeral and then backtrack to the train journey


I’ll let you know what I settle on

Star Wars Rogue One Review And Fanedit Ideas

I’m a tough nut to crack regarding movies with the myth of hype behind them, but this is a cracking good movie.

Is it perfect? No…there’s a really mediocre middle act where you have to wonder “why did they go there?”, but they pick up speed swiftly after and there’s at least a pivotal plot point in it that the protagonists learn of. Everything after that is pure gold. Every action means something, and there is so many boss scenes with Vader that it finally, FINALLY, rinses out the bitter taste of “Nooooooooooo”. James Earl Jones redeemed. Vader redeemed. Make no mistake about it, it puts a whole new spin on A New Hope, that movie really ought to be re titled to “A Stroke of Luck”

That entire third act IS Star Wars. Go see it, just try to make it through the second act and you will be pleasantly rewarded.


Now, onto the fanedit ideas

I’d see about possibly removing that entire middle act, you could have Felicity Jones learn about “stardust” another way than from her dad’s dying mouth, I’d actually end her dad’s role when she finds his hologram from Forest Whitaker (and yeah, I’m lapsing on the actual character names, sorry), also I’d minimise the number of times the design flaw in the Death Star is constantly brought up.

-The right transistional effects
-Maybe call it “Episode IV.1”
-More of the classic score
-You really don’t need all the Tarkin scenes.

Amazing Spider-Man-Renew Your Vows#2



Another issue, and another triumph for Gerry Conway and Ryan Stegman, as they put together their take on Mary Jane, a take so refreshing, mature, and a bit of a protest song against the psiren that is her Mephistoverse counterpart. I hear this has been selling out in stores, so if you can, make sure you track down a copy today, don’t wait for your pocket money over the weekend. Comics like this need the support immediately. Read and enjoy Spider-Man and Wife as they were meant to be.

Simpsons Renewed For Two More Seasons

Renewed for two more seasons, and it’s episode count will soon eclipse Gunsmoke

<i>The Simpsons</i> Renewed at Fox Through Record-Setting Season 30

Personally, I’ve come to the conclusion that “Homer’s Enemy” is the finale of the classic era, since it deconstructs the whole premise of Springfield’s tolerance of Homer and uses it as a meta-commentary on why we all put up with him, and it ends with Homer telling Marge to change the channel

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows#1-Second Lettered Preview


Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1

Five days to go until the return of the real Peter and MJ folks…make your way to your LCS on November 9th and support this release so they can come home to 616 where they belong.

Also, take note of the poster on Annie’s wall…Carol Danvers as she presently looks, meaning this is an alternative present and not the late 80s/early 90s retro world the Battleworld version of RYV was set in last year

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows Thoughts


Like with a lot of things, Marvel have the monkey’s paw attached to whatever it is the fans want…you wanted a happily married Peter? Well you’re getting an MJ who’s going to fight crime alongside him with his daughter. You’re getting The InWebbables (ok, bad pun)

It makes total sense to distinguish MJ from the MJ of the newspaper strip (who remains a normal girl caught up in a mad world and loves every bit of it)  and MC2 (where MJ was a concerned, but relatively stable parent who could be a rock and mentor to her husband and daughter), and the fact this MJ is willing to gut it out and be there for her family shows how tiresome and stale the Mephistoverse version has become, and why it’s time to put her and the Amazingly stupid devil dealing Spider-Man Child out to pasture.

Peter being a father works, Peter being an active superhero and a father has only been tried in a few short stories published way back in 2008 during the infancy of Brand New Day, and it was buried in a mere few pages of a large anthology magazine that didn’t last too long. Now the premise has larger legs and is poised to take bolder footsteps. It’s not afraid to be different or take a risk, and it should be commended for that, all manners of risk should be rewarded, succeed or fail, especially if it lines up with something the fans want to see.

Parker Industries with a family man Peter would also have been a must-buy for me, same with Superior. Things like this can be enhanced with a married Spider-Man, different kinds of stories can be told, stakes can be higher. That’s what I want out of RYV, for there to be not just a great family dynamic, but the tensions and perils that can come attached to a seemingly never-ending devotion to power and responsibility. The Spider-Man myth has always been about more than just one man in the world, he owes everything to the likes of characters like MJ forging him into the best he can possibly be, and with her at his side more frequently, he can only get better.