Doctor Who-Dark Water

Dark Water


So here we come to series eight’s finale, a story I feel has a lot of edge, but sadly softens it’s blows a little too much by the end. Let’s go full Hinchecliff instead eh? Let’s have noone killed make it out alive. No Danny and no Osgood obviously, but also no Kate and no kid. Let’s bring The Doctor to a truly captivating and daunting choice..sacrifice Missy, or spare her and let her lead him home? It has all the makings of a classic cliffhanger conundrum…the day has been dark, and we leave the characters in their darkest hour, leaving it up to your interpretation. I fully intend my edit of Last Christmas to open in the aftermath of the choice…and you don’t see what it is then either.

So without the scene where The Doctor “finds” Gallifrey, do you think I would waste that impactful scene where Capaldi smashes the console in a fit? No way, all good concepts and moments exist to be re-purposed at our leisure, so instead after the title sequence, the pounding replaces Clara’s emotional blackmail. The Doc had a soft spot for good ol’ P.E after all!


Doctor Who-The Crimson Horror

Crimson Horror


Yet another one of those edits where it’s more about switching things around than really trimming. I took the flashback with Eleven and Clara investigating Sweetville and place it at the start to serve as part of an extended pre-credits sequence. I also cut out the ending where the kids Clara plays nanny for discover her time travailing. Episode ends on Clara saying “I am the boss”


WWE Royal Rumble 2006-Refitted



A fan-edit of a Wrestling event? How does that work. On several fronts. 2006 was a weird one for the Rumble…the match was in the middle of the card rather than the main event, and even Cena took a backseat to MARK HENRY. I figured we’d change things up and put the two world title matches before the Rumble as it should have been all along. Also removed for continuity purposes is The Undertaker’s freaky special effects show dismantling the ring


Doctor Who-Silver Nemesis

Silver Nemesis


The whole point of fanediting is to do something a bit different, even if it is just a bit. So I thought a nice pre-credits sequence was in order, starting with the Jazz session and climaxing when Seven and Ace are knocked into the water by the Cybernized thugs. I also decided to leave the whys and hows of Lady Peintforte and Richard arriving in the present up in the air and leave you wondering how they came there, it gives them a more enigmatic presence, as mysterious in their ways as The Doctor is portrayed in the Cartmel era.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers-The Ninja Encounter

I put the first version of this edit together after I read a scathing review of The Ninja Encounter in it’s original three-part format. The edit seemed to go down well and was favorably reviewed, but I realized upon numerous re-viewings that it was quite patchy in some places and had some plot holes. So I went ahead and redid it.

Edit clocks in at a tidy 35 minutes. Stuff missing include all the jetting, the splitting up of the teams, and the Hatchasauros side-plot


WWE-The Imperfect Grind



The dreamer can daydream for so long before the sands finish slipping through the hour glass, and the dream is over.

The dream had seemingly passed, but he knew the opportunities had not yet ceased to settle

As he stormed into Vince McMahon’s office, the dreamer focused on adjusting his vision, fixated on the road signs that led to the grand event known as Wrestlemania, and the prize at the end of the rope.

He had champions in his corner, a slew of Youtube vloggers who had made their case for what was due him. He would plead his case to the Authority. He felt certain that this time were more clear on who they wanted to headline the grand stage against the beast incarnate Brock Lesnar

All they needed to hear were the voices of the disenchanted. Of the people.

Those in attendance in Philadelphia had made their voices heard too. They had rejected the sultan of ‘suffering succotash’, the man who could make even a crowd deeply entrenched in appreciation of wrestling lore boo a run-in and endorsement by the People’s Champion. The crowd had rejected Roman Reigns, and would hopefully continue to reject him

He opened the doors of Vince’s office. He was met with cold, dead stares. There was a creative meeting in place. Some demanded to know what the dreamer was doing here unannounced.

Some burst into fits of laughter, knowing exactly why the dreamer was doing here.

“This is no laughing matter” said the dreamer. “No matter what you and some opposed to me on the internet may believe, to most of those who pay good money and indulge in great appreciation for this art form, I am professional wrestling, I was cheated out of the rumble, the people all know it, they want me dead centre in the main event of Wrestlemania, I just know it”

“Curtis, do you remember the “genesis” speech you cut on NXT years ago? That alone makes Roman look like Edgar Allan Poe in terms of precision promos”

“But…I…was an intercontinental champion, I have beaten the likes of Wade Barret and The Miz”

“Barret loses every week and Miz is a loser every year”

“I teamed with Ryback”

“And he’s barely recovered from THAT” pointed out a writer.

“I was a Heyman guy”

“Paul E is the kiss of death for anyone who isn’t Lesnar, just ask Cesaro”

“These are all credentials you can’t diminish with a few minor ‘buts’ in the details” replied Curtis

“We can dismiss them when we see how many butts in the seats those accolades generated, ZERO” snapped back Michael Hayes

“My point I was unjustly denied my Rumble entrance by Eric Rowan, I have a legal right to the championship, this has happened before and been approved”

“Oh yeah?” said a writer, “Who else?”

Curtis twiddled his fingers apprehensively, “Maven” he said.

The uproar of laughter was enough to send the dreamer well on his way out of the door

Curtis Axel, the dreamer, thought back on his career, and how much he had gone up against the day to day politicking of the professional wrestling world

How much of it could he still take?

He took a photograph out from his jeans and looked on it fondly.

He looked to his blood. He looked to his family, and to his father.

His perfect father.

“How did you manage it Dad?” Curtis asked the kind hearted soul in the photo.

Curtis Axel, a Henning, lifted up his head and walked back down the corridors, and thought ahead to another day. Be it another edition of Main Event, be it another outing on Superstars, he would work against the Imperfect Grind, he would be the canary in the coal mine, and he would make as few butts in the seats as possible marvel at the diamond detail he would craft in the ring.

He would earn his respect. If not from the writers, if not from Vince, if not from fans, then for himself and his own family

And that would be enough