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The Unofficial Amazing Spider-Man Newspaper Strip: Strip One

Today, we go live with the first entry in our unofficial continuation of the ASM Newspaper strip.

The Parkers are in Australia, but old flames and foes have followed them down under!

I let the visual talents of our strip artist Xavier do most of the talking. All strips will be in black and white also, colouring is just more expensive. I’ve got a budget.

Updates won’t be daily, but we’ll all try to pump one out at a consistent rate

We at the team are ever so proud to present this to you. It has been their dream to plot out a Spider-Man comic on a scale such as this.

There’s plenty of action, plenty of heart, and plenty to come. Stay tuned for more in the future!


Spider-Man Fan Comic Project Update

Page One (of Six) is complete, and with it the first story. Each page will be a self-contained six to seven panel story.

The lettered version will be available when the book is ready.

Next one might take a while as I need to save up for it

Spider-Man One-Shot Project

I aim to  celebrate the 60th anniversary of the greatest comic book hero of the modern age of Marvels, the arach-knight himself. Peter Parker, Spider-Man in what I hope will be a small seven page anthology comic chronicling seven interconnected tiny moments that shapes Peter’s  past, immediate present and future…all in a way that suits my own headcanon of course, and hopefully yours too. It is intended as a small epilogue and continuation of Nick Spencer’s run, picking up on loose ends and taking advantage of missed opportunities. 

The last decade or so has been a trying one for both Spider-Man and his fans, and I feel obligated to reward him and them for being able to bear the burden of it all.

These seven Spider-Man strips contained in my custom anniversary one shot would in turn serve as ‘teasers’ for fully fleshed out fan comics, tiny insights into a much larger story. A comics run in miniature so to speak. They would represent the first ‘seven issues’ of what I would do if I were at the helm of this title. Again, all this depends on funds, time, and patience.

I again would like to thank the exhaustive efforts of my present cover artist for putting in the hours for his work on drafts that I’ll be looking over. I feel for you and appreciate all your hard work. I hope it isn’t costing you too much, in the pocket or otherwise

Amazing Spider-Man: The Night Gwen Stacy Lived [Comic Book Fanedit]

It’s safe to say the comic book editing bug has officially bitten me…as I unviel the first of no less than three Amazing Spider-Man projects I’ve been working on today. I actually made this one as a gift for one of my old friends over on Rangerboard who is a massive Gwen stan.

I often tease Gwen fans a lot on places like Youtube and Comicvine. I’ve never really gotten her appeal and my introduction to her as a comics reader was…well..the story where she died, and the more I read up on her, the less I liked her, greatly preferring Mary Jane.

So why would I bother with this? Well, first there is the afore-mentioned Gwen stan friend of mine, the second is the issue part of this book is based on, “What If Gwen Stacy Had Lived” is a bit of an underlooked treasure in the Marvel vaults, rarely if ever reprinted or collected, but it’s actually written fairly well, Peter is in character, and the situation is somewhat believable.

For people constantly clamouring for a continuity where Gwen is alive and happy with Peter, they usually find themselves in short supply, so there’s that too. For many, the Night Gwen Stacy died set the tone for the rest of Spider-Man’s life, some will say it led to a better life, but for some, the days spent hanging out at the discos and coffe beans with all your college friends and first loves is a dream one wishes they could never wake up from.

Just be thankful I didn’t add anything from Sins Past in this.


Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man: King’s Ransom Conclusion [Fanedit]

The Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man issue released last week needn’t have been necessary IMO, this could have been told over the course of just two issues, or three counting only a fraction of the events in Amazing Spider-Man#66 (which concerned itself more with advancing the Kindred plotline) .

Instead, Marvel tried to choke your wallets with putting a major status quo shift in the pages of a random one-shot that most readers weren’t aware factored majorly in the thrust of the plotlines of the main book. I’m not sure whether or not the book underperformed as a whole for the month, but it wasn’t as high as I figure it could have ranked on some charts I’d seen.

Not that the issue was bad or anything, and it did push the stories forward, but at the same time it felt rather ‘inconclusive’, with the very ending instructing you to go buy the next issue that deals with the immediate aftermath.

I figured this one-shot deserved to tell a more complete story to give readers who had been perhaps only following this story (either as Kingpin or Boomerang/Superior Foes fans, or had heard the buzz about the ‘new’ Spider-Man costume), a decent jumping off point if they so wish, and to do that the book needed to feel like it had reached a definitive stop, no next issue holdovers.

So that’s what I’ve done. Took some of the pages from ASM#66 related to the King’s Ransom arc and not the Kindred saga (though, besides Fisk’s flashbacks, old present day Kindrey does show up on a page) and rearranged a couple of panels and dialogue boxes to tighten the bolts.

With this edit, Marvel needn’t hold any conclusion to ransom