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Doctor Who-Invisible Touch [Screenplay]


This is a script I was commissioner to write by someone on FF.Net for his own Doctor Who fanfilm series. I’ve yet to hear back from this person and don’t even know if he filmed the episodes, so for now I’ve decided to put up the script so you at least know where it came from if you see it on Youtube eventually. Feel free to adapt it for your own fanfilm if need be.



[THE DOCTOR and his companion JESS SMITH are standing outside a building, keeping their gaze transfixed on the sky. The Doctor turns to his companion]

Is this how it starts?

What do you mean?

The day. It’s so regular. Usually by this time of the morning I’m off dozing the flames off of burnt stars, or clearing the throat of a singing cloud. Everything is normally an event…but this…

Not every day is one step out of the ordinary Doctor
I suppose not, but it must bore you

Well that’s why I’ve got you around don’t I?

And what if you didn’t have me?

I’ve thought about that in advance

Oh have you now?

I was thinking of maybe becoming an investigator when I’m older

Paranormal investigation I hope.

I think I’ll settle for the basic cases. I’d like to keep the life we have together exclusive to this portion of my life

[The Doctor hears a beeping sound, he takes out what appears to be a small device]

Ah, good timing

What’s going on?

Old friend of mine wants me to check in on something for them, come along, and do me a favour when we get there

What’s that?

Don’t look down

[The pair head towards the park]


What are we doing here then?

This is the center of a great web me and my friend set up decades ago

And what’s contained in the web?

Souls. And they’re not trapped, they’re lying in wait

Lying in wait for what?

The twin flames of Imax Five, one of the most hospitable races in the universe. They can carry up to two souls per body, the original being the one that brings balance to the ones they adopt.

So these souls waiting to be adopted…they come from Earth? Is this web where we go when we die?

Not exactly, this web preserves all the souls of humanity that were taken as a result of forces engaged in temporal incursions…souls that were never meant to die so early on in their lifetimes.

[Jess looks upset]

Anything the matter?

Just thinking about life back home. All the upheaval…I suppose you’re going to tell me all of that is meant to be too?

[The Doctor reacts to a small rumbling noise emitting all around them]

Jessica, remember what I told you

[Jess tilts her head up]
Yeah, yeah, don’t look down, but I can’t help feeling down you know?

No, no, you must resist this train of thought

Why not? I don’t want anything triggering a rejection of the Good Friday accords, imagine if my country was seen as an international threat again…

Jess, I don’t like giving orders, but you’re really pushing me right now
[There is a loud thunderous crash, similar to that of a lightning strike]

Jess, please
[Jess turns her back to him, rubbing her eyes gently, then stiffens like a rock before turning back around, her eyes glazed over, trance-like]

Jess is not here right now

To whom am I speaking?

You may address me as Rena Maxwell

I warned her not to look down…as in feel down, I should have been specific about the nature of the souls…they all died feeling negative impulses, things left unfinished, unsaid. Anyone within the surrounding area feeling as badly as Jess did will have become perfect prey for those souls strong enough to reach forth from the Imax web and possess them.

[The Doctor approaches the possessed Jess]

I demand you relinquish control of my companion at once

On one condition…I request an audience with Quentin Cade, my partner

No, I will not permit others to enter this location. This place is protected

Then you shall be his host

And if I refuse?

I will take your companion with me in my walk across this world, and you shall never set eyes upon us again

[THE DOCTOR stands before the possessed companion JESS as RENA MAXWELL demands he surrender his own mind to her partner]

You are wasting time

I never waste a moment through time as I walk through it

Cease delaying and provide my partner with a vessel

I can only do that by giving in my own insecurities, my own fears

Yes, I can read your companion’s mind…she knows things about you, that you have such hidden fears, you don’t show it, but there is pain in your voice…so much you have suppressed

No, I will not give in

You must otherwise your companion shall never be with you again…it is the thought of that which drives you to despair now

[The Doctor shakes violently, he puts his hands to his head, he lets out a deafening roar of defiance, and then stiffens. He is ridged, just as Jess was before possession]
Is it done?

[The Doctor’s eyes snap open. He has become possessed by Rena’s partner QUENTIN]


Quentin, it’s you

This man’s mind resists my own, is this…natural?

It is expected of reluctant hosts, yes.

What is it you wish of me?

I need to be assured. I am…scared.

Why? We will have new life on IMAX Five

I know, but it will mean leaving this place behind…friends I’ve known, family I’ve loved

[Jess swiftly takes over again]

And what of me? I have family too, my sister, friends in my country…I worry for them too

[Jess and Rena argue. Two minds. One body]

How are you resisting me?

Remember what The Doctor said…don’t look down, don’t feel down. Possession is a two way circus where this is concerned

Mind your own business

My body, my business
[The Doctor briefly reasserts control]

That’s it Jess, channel your energies

Maybe it’s time you started looking up, see the positives that can come from seeking out new opportunities. Maybe once you adjust, you can visit your family and let them know you’re alright


In dreams. You can bestow upon them an invisible touch…a touch that brings with it hope and clarity. Maybe if you give them instructions to come here, a map fresh in their minds. The web will remember their presence, their connection, and it will gather their souls when the time has come to peacefully loosen from the grip of this mortal coil

I have your word on it?

Of course, a time lord’s word is his bond.

My sins won’t find punishment in due time will they?

Everyone forgives in time

Very well, I shall wait. WE shall wait.

Yes, we will

[Both The Doctor and Jess shake slightly, then gradually regain their bearings]

Jess, are you ok?

I feel fine now Doctor, Rena is gone

She and Quentin have returned to the web…come on, it’s best we left

I’m sorry if I let everything cave in on me earlier Doc

It’s fine…this is how you end the day, with a lesson learned in your life

Won’t your friend be curious about what happened today?

I think it’s best we leave this little altercation out of my report to her…she doesn’t like ghost stories

Not a believer in spirits is she? She probably thinks it’s all alien

You’d be surprised at what Sarah Jane Smith believes in

So long as she believes in you the way I do, we’re fine



Doctor Who-The Bells of Saint John [Fanedit]

drwhothebellsofsaintjoh“We picked the mystery box…hop in”

(To download, please join FE.Org and PM Zarius)

I put together a version of this in the past, but with a little more experience and a few new ideas, I’ve chosen to revisit it. Think of this one as the “Page One Edit”, named so because we get to find out just what “page one” and that whole deal with the leaf was all about before the episode ends, rather than wait for a filler pre-titles when you reach Rings of Akaten.

You might think I’m robbing Clara of any and all intrigue by tossing in her origin at the very end of this episode, but not only does her character have very little of that to begin with (as well as any sort of trait to go along with it), I thought it makes for a nice little subversion of the triumphant way the original cut ends, with The Doc having gained a new companion and the thrill of new adventure and mystery on the horizon. Here, he solves the mystery and is utterly perplexed by it. I think that serves as a better ending…don’t leave it with the feeling the Doctor WILL get to the bottom of things, point out very clearly that he CAN’T.

A mystery The Doctor can’t solve makes us worry, and makes us wonder. That is how you kick off a new series of adventures, that is what we call a jumping on point.

In addition to the new ending, I’ve gone in and added the prequel minisode from the series seven DVD as part of the pre-titles. While it’s a little too on-the-nose and doesn’t add much, I still think it’s a nice refresher course if you’re not too familiar with this stretch of the series or Clara.

A few scenes have been rearranged too. Clara accessing the wi-fi now comes before the helpless man’s ominous warning to the internet community, and I removed the whole talk about the Woman Twice Dead and The Doctor’s madness to better seaugeway into him receiving the phone call.

Doctor Who-The Pilot (Extremis Edition) [Fanedit]

The Pilot Extremis Edition


(To download, register at FE.Org and Private message “Zarius”)

This edit mergers the first episode of Doctor Who’s tenth series with three other episodes from that particular series, removing all the pretentious teasing of what’s inside The Vault that goes ultimately nowhere and has an obvious reveal handed to us within minutes of the episode

Extremis is the first part of the Monk trilogy, which really isn’t that much to write home about, other than virtually any scene that includes Michelle Gomez. It is that scenery chewing that compels me also to use the last few precious minutes of “The Lie Of the Land”, the conclusion to the trilogy, as a coda to this episode, replacing the original ending with The Doctor trying to wipe Bill’s mind of her adventure.

I’ve also decided to insert Bill and her friends finding a new house to live in from the episode “Knock, Knock”. This particular plot point doesn’t actually go anywhere in this edit, it’s just a nice little set up that gives us more of a slice of life with Bill, plus I like the atmosphere of Bill with mates more than putting up with her step-mum.

– Begin with original pre-credits scene from “The Pilot”
– After titles, we play some footage from “Extremis”
– “Knock Knock” footage takes over after Missy tells The Doctor to let her live
– Just as Bill is hesitant to sign the contract to move into the house, we cut to The Doctor’s “Time” lecture. Producer and director credit scenes cut
– We cut to “Extremis” footage after The Doctor says “It means life”
– We cut back to “The Pilot” after Nardole tells The Doctor he can kick his arse
– We cut back to “Extremis” after the Puddle establishes the link with the pilot
– White flash cross fade from “Extremis” to Christmas at the University in “The Pilot”
– Cut Heather meeting Bill outside the university and repeating what she says
– Cut the TARDIS landing in Australia
– Last of the “Extremis” footage plays after Bill notices her tears
– “Lie of the Land” ending used as final scene

Doctor Who-Twice Upon A Time (fanedit)

Twice Upon A Time


This episode could do with a nice spring clean.

There really isn’t a hell of a lot of point to the sexism deflection that this episode pads itself out with. Within the context of current history, I suppose there’s some fleeting relevancy, but Doctor Who ought to be timeless, and it’s characters should not be dragged down into political soap boxing, however subtle or unsubtle. This is what has killed the show for many a true fan, and as much as I still love the show, it does make me cringe a little too. It’s like attending a council meeting with your parents on a Sunday, reminding you of the real world awaiting you in the week ahead. What happened to weekend/holiday escapism?

So no, as I found out, the sexism need not exist at all, as you’ll find here…pretty minimal edit all the same, nothing too radical, just keeping it tightly focused on the adventure and not the agenda.


-Pre-titles are now the aborted regeneration sequence from “The Doctor Falls”

-Ben and Polly cut. On top of their “Nu Who” versions contributing little to the story , I never was a fan of the weird aspect ratio fidgeting.

-“I am younger” exchange removed

– References to Twelve as a nurse removed, also the exchange about the brandy and guitar are omitted as well as the sexist remarks about Polly

-Classic Doctor no longer says “sunglasses? Indoors?”, I found the initial reaction when he sees them better than anything spoken afterwards and it informs the audience of how he feels anyway

-We cut to Twelve putting the sonic shades on after Bill says she used to travel with him

-Bill and Twelve’s heated exchange edited out, as is Classic Doctor’s “smacked bottom” response.

-Cut Bill’s initial reveal as a member of Testimony. I hold it back a bit longer just for more of a shock reveal.

-First Doctor’s regeneration to Patrick Troughton cut in an attempt to, for one, avoid the aspect ratio fidgeting, and “fix” the continuity error of the Doctor collapsing before he opens the TARDIS door to let Ben and Polly back in.

Shortened Capaldi’s exit speech considerably. Decides to regenerate after he realizes the universe will get it all wrong without him.

Also, I chose to omit Jodie getting booted out of the TARDIS, partially because I intend to open my fanedit of her first episode with a reprise of the final scene of this episode, and when that happens, THEN you’ll see our feisty female cope with free-falling.

So long Moffat, off you go to give Dracula some bite…just don’t give him a cavity.

Doctor Who-Deep Into The Dalek (Fanedit)

Deep Into the Dalek

IFDB Entry 

(To download, please register at Fanedit.org and PM “Zarius”)

Debuts for Doctors are, like regeneration, a bit dodgy, you never know what you’re going to end up with, but it’d better be good.

Deep Breath is good for the most part, and this by no means an attempt to reinvent the wheel, rather instead we take the wheel and add it to an altogether different motor.

Fanediting is very much like the broom analogy in the story, which, lucky for you I’ve kept in. After a while, is it the same film or show? Of course it is’nt, and that’s the point.

But with the way story arcs in television and film series, one can glue things together a tiny bit more confidant that it can mesh well, and create the illusion that some things stay very much the same.

So we come to this, a chance to launch Peter Capaldi’s Doctor a bit differently. An hour-long opening with Twelve mulling over whether or not he’s a good man, complete with a scene that really enforces whether or not he is as he dispatches Half-Face Man at the start of the story.

I figure if you’re going to relaunch Doctor Who to the casual crowdyou really should try things the way Russel T. Davies managed…we’ve seen the regeneration, we’ve seen previous Doctors work out their mission statement in their openers…let’s see Capaldi struggle with his mission statement right off the bat and not have him try to work out if he’s got Clara’s name right or if he can really complain about things now that he’s scottish. Let’s be like our rebel time lord and be rebellious…let us see him kick up a fuss, be proactive, and kick arse as soon as he see him.

Let’s stick him in the midst of a proper adventure. A typical Saturday Night out for him and his mates. Most of the story you’ve seen unfold in the original cut of Deep Breath is elaborated on within the restaurant confrontation with Half-Face Man, it’s almost as if Deep Breath could have just been a “day in the life” minisode before the main event.

And, appropriately enough, the privilege of facing off against Capaldi should lie with The Daleks.

Outside of The Power of the Daleks, no other Doctor’s debut story has opened with them facing him. Odd given their long history, but they’re mostly reserved for Doctor’s finales in the new stuff (except for Tennant), so I figured “what the heck?”

Changes in full
-Kicking things off in the edit right off the bat is the final third of Deep Breath, and the Doctor’s companions knee-deep in danger. It’s a typical Saturday night with the new Doctor introducing himself by pouring a glass and then debating life and death with The Half-Man. What serves as a decisive stand off becomes an enigmatic introduction to our favorite time lord.

-The titles kick in after Clara finds the TARDIS is missing from the courtyard

-First use of Into the Dalek footage kicks off after the titles, with the new Doctor answering the distress call and reaching the asteroid base where he learns of the Dalek being held prisoner. We cut before we see what he sees

-Resume Deep Breath footage here with Vastra assuring Clara The Doctor will return for her. We end the footage once they arrive in Glasgow, but cut before they talk about buying chips and coffee.

Cut to Danny Pink arriving for class. His drill sergeant routine with the boys has been cut

-Cut The Doctor and Clara talking about coffee and glasgow.

At the 26: 29 mark of the edit , you hear a door clicking just before Clara closes the door in the shot, this is not a miscue with the audio, that is actually The Doctor opening the TARDIS door, which becomes clear in the next shot. I was worried people would mistake that for an error, but rest assured it isn’t.

Doctor Who-The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (FE.Org Version)

An edit I’ve made over a dozen times finally got the seal of approval over on FE.org, and it is’nt the only DW edit I have on there. It was joined by The Snowmen last week and soon my edit of The Pilot will join it. 201a-The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith

I always thought The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith would fit much better as one of the last David Tennant DW specials, and so I took the liberty of joining the episodes together (SJA is a half hour show and is often serialized more than New Who is), and making it work as one.


– Cut approx. a minute from the beginning of “Part One”, including titles and writers/directors credits.

– Opening titles with David Tennant and Elizabeth Sladen credits taken from “The Stolen Earth/Journie’s End” titles and used a shortened version of the 2009 version of the theme song as this is considered part of the “Ten Farewell Tour” specials

– Story proceeds as normal until the arrival of The Trickster at the reception.

– Cut one minute and twenty-three seconds from the begining of “Part Two”, which is mostly all a reprise of part one. Removed Director’s credit

– Removed Sarah Jane and the kids saying what a fantastic person The Doctor is and what a fantastic team they make, removed “next time” for next SJA adventure and end credits, we now close the episode as the TARDIS door closes on The Doctor

– Omitted Credits 



Doctor Who-Time Enough (fanfic)




Change was coming.

He was coming.

The Doctor. The madman in a box, now even madder than ever before.

He knew it had been on the horizon for a while, the moment he saw his TARDIS join in with the others in co-ordinating the preservation of Gallifrey at the very edge of the time war.

The Eleventh Hour was winding down, however would he break this to Clara?

He would’nt, he would just break, and she would break with him, unless she was fully prepared.

It’s a silly notion he thought, she’s already seen all of me, all of my faces

He wondered if she would continue to see him. See through him, see all of him, the way he ought to be.

He felt this time that everything would hinge on her being able to know who he was, he was a good man, but how good could she be when faced with the reality of change?

That was the challenge facing him and her. Her bravery would be tested like never before. It would be a most trying Christmas for her, adjusting to the shock of the new, coming to terms with the loss of someone he knew she cared deeply about, and taking in the fresh coat of paint.

The truth field around Trenzalore compelled him to come clean about the consequences of regeneration, how the process can startle even the most well prepared individual, and how it can be the making of that person if they can adapt.

He knew Clara could adapt, he felt it, just as he felt everything come apart, he knew in his ancient bones that the Impossible Girl could make all things possible.

He would die, he would change, and if he were to live again, it had to be through her eyes. He had to be taught through her eyes.

He pondered aloud if he had chosen Clara knowing sub-consciouslly her career would take her into teaching.

He stared up at the burning belltower, he looked on at the wreckage of the Dalek mothership, he smiled, he could hear hyms being performed inside the church, the music tinged with a compelling sadness.

It made sense, he had caused a lot of damage with his regenerative energy in a bid to save the town of Christmas.

A part of him wondered if he was truly finished with Trenzalore as he picked up the TARDIS phone and dialed Clara’s number. He wondered if he had contributed to massive paradox by averting his fate here, or if the planet was always waiting for him in his twilight age, whenever that would be, however that would come.

Nothing can prepare you for death, so his mind was concentrated on preparing himself, and Clara, to live.

Time enough he thought.