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Turbo-A Power Rangers Edit




-Bulk and Skull almost cut entirely from movie other than the scene where they are chased by Divatox sub-craft

-Rocky’s injury and Lerigot’s escape to Earth cut so we have a more compelling  and darker opening act

-Rangers morphing sequence cut


Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers-Return of the Green Ranger

Managed to cut down another Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers three-parter from season two down to just 29 minutes. This time it was “Return of the Green Ranger”. To acheive this I removed the entirety of the Dragonzord vs Tigerzord and Thunderzord clash, everything to do with present day Bulk and Skull (though retained their ancestors), and the sub-plot about Zedd wanting Rita to have a baby. I also reshuffled a few scenes.
The ending was very tricky to pull off, I had to make use of a “commercial fade” for the desired effect which was by no means perfect, but I think it still worked.