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Doctor Who-Return of Doctor Mysterio [Fanedit]

password: mysterio

It’s been a while, but he’s back, and it’s “about time” for a new DW fanedit. This time I thought I’d tackle the most recent episode, the 2016 Christmas special. A lot has been cut from this one, reducing it to just 38 minutes total. I thought leaving  outmuch of how Grant acquired his powers would be better for the imagination, so all you get is the gist of it: He swallowed an alien gemstone, he met The Doctor when he was young, and that’s basically it.

I’ve replaced the original 9 minute pre-credits sequence with an altogether 9 minute pre-credits sequence, a simple matter of joining the story just as Lucy meets The Doctor and Nardole in action, and we get to see The Ghost kick some butt right from the outset. Also removed is the high school flashback with Grant’s “erection” problems (no place for that in DW Steven, please refrain from reading Virgin N.A novels), and most of the initial clumsy Grant/Lucy interactions.

Also removed completely is everything and anything to do with Mr. Huffle

Good luck Pearl Mackie, so long Steven, and to you Peter…be happy!

Doctor Who-Last Christmas

Happy Easter. Let us celebrate the ressurection of Christ with his…birthday? Wait…did I get my facts straight? What’s wrong with you man?

Last Christmas

Last Christmas is a great, tense little special let down by the simple fact Jenna had to stay on as a regular and ruin the whole ‘ruddy ending. I had a toothache over Christmas so I was well and truly fronting a full Ebenezer attitude, so Clara gets no mercy from me in this edit. You’re a withering hag and you ought to stay that way!

Also decided to open the episode right at the tail-end of “Death in Heaven”, with Clara and The Doctor parting ways and the St. Nick mid-credit cliffhanger from that finale moved to the end of the pre-credits for this one. Aside from that, little else has been altered.


Doctor Who-The Snowmen

The Snowmen


I know Whoflix is of the opinion that the minisodes for this special (“Vastra Investigates” and “The Great Detective”) are shit, but I needed something to further set my take on this apart from his, so I included at least one of them at the star (Great Detective), other things I’ve removed are the “One Word Test” malarky and, as Whoflix did, skipped past Clara following The Doctor up the ladder the first time but left at least an attempt by her to reach the ladder in there. Nothing much else has been changed. My original plan was also to include “Demon’s Run, Two Days Later” but the aspect ratio on the DVD source was ever so slightly off.

Finally learned how to convert files to smaller sizes also, so this one comes in at a nifty 450.8 MB.