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Power Rangers Hexagon [Fanedit]

(credit for poster: DanLav05)

Back around 2002, there was a proposed plan for a multi-Power Ranger season called ‘Hexagon’, which would have seen Tommy Oliver head up an organization made up of various Rangers over the last decade or so of the programme, battling the remnants of their greatest enemies as well as some new threats. The series would focus on a group of young teenage Rangers recruited by Tommy’s organization who would be gradually caught up in Tommy’s ongoing ‘disagreements’ with the Phantom Ranger and former teammate/rival Jason.

Eventually, there was to have been a mass Ranger civil war, ending with Tommy disbanding his organization.

It is my intention to create, to the best of my ability, my own version of the Hexagon season, though it will not be beholden to the original notes.


The Simpsons-Nobody Else Would [Fanfiction]

Lisa didn’t say why she reacted that way. Not to anyone.

Not to her mom, not to her dad, certainly not to her brother or baby sister

There was only one person she could tell.

Could she? Dare she?

She had to.

She waited until she and Ralph were outside Ms. Hoover’s class.

Now he was in for it

“Ralph, did you hear me back there?”

“You sound just like your dad”

Lisa tensed up, the thought of being compared to that lovable but trying baboon of a man took a proper naive nerve, all the better then that Ralph Wiggum had naive down to a precision science.

“I grunted at you, you, over getting the same grade as me, do you know why?”

Ralph shrugged and gave Lisa a textbook stare as blank as a sheet of untouched paper.

Lisa sighed, she grabbed Ralph’s right hand and gently rubbed it with both of hers, she was stalling, unsure of what to say next.

“You don’t know, you don’t know, you need a boy to tell you” Ralph teased, pointing at Lisa, and yelling to the top of his lounges, commanding attention in the barren hallways.

“Mansplaining is the least of my concerns Ralph” Lisa continued, continuing to massage Ralph’s hand.

“This is nice”

“Yes, this is, but I wasn’t. I shouldn’t have rained on your parade like that, but I had a reason…she only gave you that B because nobody else would, she did it because she was driven to distraction by that vibrating chair I bought her, she was caught in a moment and couldn’t get out of it”

“Lisa, between you and me that is such a 2000 thing to say”

“Life isn’t always about spinning U2 records Ralph, the point is you should earn your grades, and not be so enabled. I don’t want to see you hurt, not again, your life shouldn’t be one continuous disappointment after another” Lisa continued.

“Nelson says my dad thinks the same way of me” Ralph confessed.

“Oh I’ll have words with him” Lisa said, not surprised at the predictability of Muntz.

“No words with me? I like the taste of the letter B, it’s like honey” Ralph remarked, Lisa wished he meant that in a sarcastic manner, she felt like laughing.

And for that feat alone, Ralph deserved some reward.

“No words with you, but I will leave you with something” she said, and pressed her warm lips on Ralph’s cheeks.

“Why are you giving me cooties?” Ralph asked.

“Because nobody else would” Lisa said, blowing him one more kiss before skipping down the hallway.

Star Wars: Legend of the Resistance [Fanedit]

Given time, given paitence, given skill, you can spin a silver lining on your needle and attach it to the cloud. This is a 3-in-1 sequel trilogy recut using the majority of The Force Awakens as the meat. Only a few minutes or so of Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker have been utilised.

The rest is padded out by the Kylo vs Vader fanfilm at the start (in itself a prequel to the start of Force Awakens) and footage from The Mandalorian for key sequences in Starkiller Base (you know the one)

This will probably be my last say on the sequel trilogy as it currently stands. .

Download Here

Power Rangers Wild Force: Forever Red-End of Session Edition [Fanedit]

Power Rangers Forever Red


As I continue to edit various Power Rangers episodes,  the one I’ve been most pleased so far with is the one I’ve done for “Forever Red” the 10th anniversary story from 2002. I’ve repurposed it so it now serves not just as a finale to Power Rangers Wild Force (in place of the “Tnd of the Power Rangers” two-parter) but also a prequel to 2009’s Power Rangers RPM, which at the time was intended to be the last season.


  1. Added “Previously On…” montage depicting Master Org’s ultimate defeat
  2. Added Cole saying goodbye to Red Lion
  3. Forever Red plays as normal
  4. Added scenes of Cole making peace with his parents’ memory as well as Victor Adlers’ as well Allisa telling the class of what happened to the Rangers afterwards, all taken from “The End of the Power Rangers Part Two”. The scenes where they give up their growl phones and powers has been removed to give you the hope they will eventually return to active Ranger duty.
  5. Special epilogue created for the ending using footage and audio from the RPM title sequence and the episode “Road to Corinth”

Star Wars: Between The Candle and The Stars [Fanfiction]



Between The Candle And The Stars

She stood there, facing the black void, her temper in check, her will as strong as the force itself.

In her mind, Luke Skywalker’s words echoed around her, instructing her to remember sage advice

‘Confronting fear is the destiny of the Jedi’

He was right.

Her fear was real, equal in strength to her iron will, even as she managed to keep it in check, it could be sensed, it could be exploited.

Especially by who was behind her.

The black candle, the one who ignited the spark of the force within her, causing it to burn brighter than anything had managed before or since.

His prescience was as soothing as it was overwhelming, she could taste his raw spirit within her senses.

She dared not turn around, to do so would be to look into his eyes and give in to the burning, her will would be his, and she would be content to let go.

The Falcon flew towards her, it turned, the hatch to the back of the ship opened, the exhaust causing a gail that swept much of the First Order aside, all except Kylo, the candle, struggling to stand firm, but making more of an effort to do than all around him.

He desired her; he waited for her to turn to him, to lock eyes, to share her will with his.

Rey’s instincts kicked in, she made a dash for it.

There was but one leap required to make it to the falcon, a leap that would take her beyond the candle, and towards the stars.

She didn’t know which she’d feel safer with.

The stars were cold, they could suffocate you if you made but one crucial error in the calculations, you would fly forever, but your soul would be extinguished, your body physically frozen, you would belong to the merciless night.

Or she could turn, to greet the candle, to bask in the warmth of his intoxicating will, and lose herself to the iron grip of the side that consumed his being.

She knew the Jedi way was to reject such temptation, she knew she had to confront the cold.

So she chose to brave the night.

She turned from Kylo, towards the falcon

And in the space between the candle and the stars, she wondered how many chances there remained to take possession of the flame behind her.

Star Wars-Force Awakens Test

Thought I’d try something fun with Force Awakens. The idea was to switch certain scenes around to create a more captivating sense of mystery and urgency regarding the situation. I feel opening the movie on Poe’s interrogation is a good way of setting that up, and BB8’s introduction is more interesting to the viewer because we don’t know what this droid is doing out in the desert, finally (and this will require a lot of editing), we show how the horrors of war drives Finn to do the right thing as his squadron rein down destruction on a  village (with Poe and BB8’s involvement removed, this is not reflected in this sample though, it stops just before they land)

Ignore the fact I have no opening text crawl, It’s something I’m very useless at and may request help on it at Fanedit.org.

Password: star