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Doctor Who-The Stolen Earth

stolen earth

The Stolen Earth is a great way to wrap up a golden year of Doctor Who, or it would be if it did’nt indulge in pantomime twiddling of huge oversized knobs (fun fact: that there is a call back to an old BBC2 continuity annoucement). Sadly, I can’t fix how the DoctorDonna fixes things, but what I can do is cut back on a couple of things to create a unique presentation


First of all, we don’t quite get to The Doctor until much later in the edit, we focus on all of the companions first, and even the titles kick in before Rose can look up and power up her weapon to face something that takes ages to arrive. When she arrives, that’s when the titles come.

Much like the recent Stolen Earth edit by Whoflix, I was able to bride parts one and two of the story seemlessly with the regeneration sequence. I took a lot of cues from that version before branching off in my own unique direction, so props to his edit for serving as a good guide to cutting away what doesn’t fit (Cann rambling about constant death that never comes, which never made sense, and especially less so now)¬†and what feels like¬†padding (Shadow Proclamation)

You’ll have to forgive me cutting away before Mickey and Jackie can formerly introduce themselves…cropping screens and what not is beyond my understanding so I had to cut back on the scene to avoid any on-screen credits for part two.

To conclude the edit, I went with having Donna/Doctor survive the metacrisis and not get her mind erased. Much like how my End of Time edit ended with Tennant living to fight another day, let’s give the most down-to-earth companion the opportunity to travel with The Doctor “forever” like she wished

Vimeo is being a pain lately, so you’ll have to use the MEGA link for now


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