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Doctor Who-The Doctor Falls No More [Fanedit]

At the top of the month, I released Hell Bent-Another Fanedit, which I said would be the first of two projects that made use of the ending of ‘The Husbands Of River Song’, this is the second of those projects, an ideal jumping off point for Peter Capaldi fans (I do like Jodie and series 11 and 12 aren’t nearly as bad, problematic for their preachiness yes, but not unbearable to watch)


Spider-Man: Brand New Day [Fanedit]

“When Peter Parker makes a crucial mistake and accidentally reveals his true identity, his beloved Aunt May becomes the victim of a cruel and deadly attack. While playing chess, Peter is approached by a mysterious stranger who offers to make his world a little better…at the cost of his relationship with his soul mate May Jane Watson. Peter makes a deal with this devil and his world is turned upside down. Now Peter finds himself playing a dangerous game, while the world and everyone he loves within it becomes the plaything of not just Mephisto, but also Blackheart, his son”

Well, here it is at last. The release of the first draft of my keenly anticipated Spider-Man 4 project. I hope you enjoy it, give feedback if you can, it was a very tricky edit to pull off and I am aware there are numerous technical/framerate issues, hopefully they’re not too off putting. I intend to comb through this again at some point. (Apologies for the lousy quality of the Wandavision music attached to this trailer, I could not find a clear enough version)


Doosmday Clock: Parts One & Two [FANEDIT]

Inspired by SDN Editions putting out micro-episodic versions of his fanedits, I have decided to do the same for my much anticipated Doomsday Clock edit. I intended to release this in 2021, but felt with the hype for both Wonder Woman 1984 and The Snyder Cut, I’d push out a large part of what I have so far into December.

Part One:

password: fanedit

Part Two:

password: fanedit