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Doctor Who-The Zygon Inversion



Get on your hands and knees for Bonnie Princess Coleman and her little rebel clan as they try to imprint themselves on a global scale, fuelled by a need to secure the Osgood box for prejudiced purposes, while The Doctor attempts to secure a BAFTA with a touching bit of idealism courtesy of THAT speech (not that it helped, only Michelle sodding Gomez secured DW’s sole nomination for the two parter she was in)

This one’s mostly an omnibus edit with only a few cuts here and there to hold back the info dumping of the Osgood box and the reveal of Bonnie just a tad. Also gone is The Doctor’s creepy lurking around the playground.  There were some things I tried to edit around, but found impossible from a narrative standpoint (the bloody church scene). Maybe WhoFlix will have better luck whenever he tackles this one.