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Doctor Who-The Time of the Doctor

Exciting times ahead for DW fans. Power of the Daleks may be getting an officially sanctioned animated adaptation, CLASS’s premiere is but a month away, and then there’s only a few weeks until the Christmas special. Before you know it, we’ll be well on our way to the moment we’ve all been prepared for, Moffat’s departure

But cast your minds back to 2013 when we were all prepared for another sudden departure, as Matt Smith boweed out of the TARDIS and made room for our current holder of the house…or box, or whatever.

Yes, from the vault of edits passed, I bring you my long overdue edit of Time of the Doctor.



I first dabbled with an edit of this not long after it’s 2013 transmission and with this version I made adjustments and improvements to the elements I changed. We don’t get any nudity/holographic clothes here, a lot of that was very easy to smooth over with the aid of the television soundtrack. Also gone is the whole of Clara’s interactions with her family as well as Eleven’s long-winded speech and phantom Amy. Here, The Doctor regenerates at the belltower and comes up the TARDIS steps as Capaldi.

A well prepared moment for us all.


Doctor Who-The Zygon Inversion



Get on your hands and knees for Bonnie Princess Coleman and her little rebel clan as they try to imprint themselves on a global scale, fuelled by a need to secure the Osgood box for prejudiced purposes, while The Doctor attempts to secure a BAFTA with a touching bit of idealism courtesy of THAT speech (not that it helped, only Michelle sodding Gomez secured DW’s sole nomination for the two parter she was in)

This one’s mostly an omnibus edit with only a few cuts here and there to hold back the info dumping of the Osgood box and the reveal of Bonnie just a tad. Also gone is The Doctor’s creepy lurking around the playground.  There were some things I tried to edit around, but found impossible from a narrative standpoint (the bloody church scene). Maybe WhoFlix will have better luck whenever he tackles this one.


Doctor Who-Asylum of the Daleks (fanedit)

Snapshot 1 (16-03-2016 22-13)

Asylum of the Daleks is a pretty fine story once you glance past some of it’s glaring flaws-chief among them the rather sordid and nasty portrayal of the Ponds. Teaching kids about separation and divorce was a brave choice by Moffat, but it does lead to a lot of needless melodrama in a story all about surviving an altogether different kind of hell, and diverts from the episode’s big hook…Daleks. Loads of them.

Also removed are the manner in which the Daleks assemble our intrepid trio…they are Daleks, they move in as mysterious ways as any time lord, let your imagination run wild as to how they got there…it’s sort of like how they opened Bad Wolf back in 2005 with The Doctor in the big brother house. Doctor and companions in trouble, no soap opera beforehand, or during, this adventure.

Oh and I shortened the ending slightly from Eleven hammering home “Doctor Who” to the audience and ends with “you’re never gonna stop asking”

Doctor Who-Hell Bent (No Diner) Edit

Well, here it is. My fanedit of Hell Bent. A finale I feel is let down by the overindulgent farewell to Clara. While I can’t do a top-to-bottom edit of this story the way I would like to, I can at least try to minimize the infodumping and overcooked elements represented by the diner and waitress Clara scenes. In this edit, we learn what the neuroblock is along with Clara as she and the Doctor go on this final journey together, rather than having The Doctor tell waitress Clara what it’s use is intended for. C’mon Mr. Moffat, we don’t need our hands held and everything explained to us, let the story lead and we will follow.

With no Clara and no Ashildr mucking about with their chameleon circuit at the end, a nice little voice-over from Capaldi , extracted from the final diner scene, gives us a much more poignant conclusion. One I’ve already shared on this blog in an earlier update, and which you can now appreciate in the full context of the episode

Doctor Who-Hell Bent Alternative Ending

This is how I’ve approached the ending to Hell Bent without the use of Clara’s TARDIS diner or any real conversation between The Doctor and Clara. I was told on The Hive forums this alteration proved much more enjoyable than the actual televised version. Make your own mind up.

I had to do this twice because on the first draft I kept in the Doctor having the guitar when it didn’t line up continuity wise with what I was trying to convey, but it was not exactly a problem to cut around the guitar completely.





Doctor Who-Dark Water (New Version) Samples

Dark Water

Still on a Doctor Who kick. I thought I’d take another stab at some new ideas for Dark Water/Death In Heaven

Sort of anyway, since one of the ideas was borrowed from fellow DW faneditor Whoflix, check out his own Death In Heaven edit here

All credit to him for the bit where Clara and The Doctor arrive at 3W more immediately. I might also incorporate his idea of losing Clara’s gran too

Combining Dark Water and Death in Heaven into one episode is the easy option, but on each attempt I made at it I was never quite satisfied with it, so I decided to approach it from a different angle, and still treat it as a standard two-parter, modifying things slightly so as to minimize some of Danny Pink and Seb’s interaction and keep the focus on The Doctor and Clara as they arrive at 3W. The ending of part one is also slightly altered to incorporate an extra few minutes from “Death In Heaven” which helps build towards our new, and I feel more appropriate, cliffhanger given The Master’s whole scheme hinges on it as a plot point later.


Here’s the first sample, removing Clara’s emotional blackmail of The Doctor at the volcano and removing Danny’s first conversation with Seb

Password to view sample: water

Sample two with the new cliffhanger


Password to view sample: water