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Promotional Consideration: The Untold Adventures of Clara

Nothing to do with me, just helping to promote a very talented team of collaberators who are working on a fully illustrated series of adventures for Clara Oswald and Ashildr/Me, taking place after the events of Hell Bent. The series commences May 16th 2020.



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Sunset Mind (original poem)


Clear as water

A moon set alight

Sunset’s burning

I stand by my rights

 To speak out of turn

To right what is wrong

I only regret my shortcomings

At the rise of the dawn

At that time I’ll stand corrected

And submit again to the grind

There is never any silence

For the troubles in your mind

Doctor Who-Face The Raven


When I first tackled this edit in December of 2015, I had the interesting notion of cutting out Clara’s ‘final’ farewell to The Doctor, but in doing so, it left the story feeling slightly under-length. Not that there’s a problem with “shortening” Doctor Who episodes if you feel it makes for tighter pacing (or allow it to sync up with well with the length of traditional “classic” Who stories) , but I thought, for this second go-around, I would try to bump up the length so it was closer to that of a modern series episode.

How to achieve this without compromising my earlier ideas?  Look to none other than the very next episode, “Heaven Sent”
Inspired by a discussion I had with Whoflix (who had recently completed his own edit of Face the Raven, an edit which sadly no longer exists on his archives), I felt compelled to try and make the episode feel more like a two-parter, leading directly into Hell Bent without dragging out The Doctor’s struggle inside the confession dial too much…and the easiest solution was to simply use the last act of the episode focusing on The Doctor experiencing the loop time and again, which neatly condenses the events of Heaven Sent into a very manageable ten minutes and gets us to Gallifrey in no time at all

Also changed is the pre-credits, gone is Rigsy’s phone call to the TARDIS, and The Doctor telling Rigsy there’s no easy way to tell someone they’re going to die being where we hit the titles. Not much else of FTR has been changed other than that.


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