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The Lies of Sherlock [Fanedit]




An edit combining the final two episodes of series four, “The Lying Detective” and “The Final Problem”

It’s not a game anymore. Sherlock, John and Mycroft engage of an emotional battle of wits not just with Sherlock’s maniacal and manipulative sister Euros, but with one another as well. From the pitfalls of drug addiction to the boasts of seemingly untouchable media darlings to three heart-wrenching words on the end of a phone conversation. The lies mount up, leading to our heroes reaching a moment of definitive truth. Context is everything.

Special Thanks to FE.org members theryaney, and jswert123456 for feedback and cover art.

Sherlock-Potential Season Four Edit Idea

Whenever Sherlock’s fourth series begins properly, I’ve been strongly considering using the final few minutes of The Abominable Bride as the pre-credits sequence for whatever the season four premier proves to be. It’s very easy to play the reinchenback falls confrontation scene in it’s entirety and then cut to the titles just as Sherlock wakes up from his overdose and says “Miss me?”