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Best and Worst List Of The Decade


Best of the decade

1. Black Mirror
2. The Witcher
3. The Mandalorian
4. Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie
5. Samurai Jack: The Final Series
6. Learning I’m To Be An Uncle
7. DC Rebirth
8. Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows
9. Professional Wrestling (2014-2019)

Worst of the decade

1. Brexit
2. Terror Attacks Across London and Pairs
3. Grenfell Tower
4. Power Rangers from 2011-2014
5. 2016 Celebrity Deaths
6. Doctor Who from 2011-2014
7. Trump
8. My mental breakdown in 2010
9. Death of Stan Lee

A Perfect Way To See Off The Decade For Spidey…With A Rerun Of Happier Times

I know, I know, this is a just rerun from 2015, but I feel this is probably the best possible way to end the last decade of Spider-Man comics…a rollercoster ride where we weren’t quite sure what the future held for Peter and MJ…only to see them close the decade out stronger than ever.

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While 2010 through to 2015 were not kind to fans of this pairing in the Mephistoverse…one thing was constant, and that was the newspaper strip. Right up until this year, it carried the torch for the Spider-Marraige and gave us plenty of fun Pete and MJ moments to enjoy, it’s a shame it’s currently in rerun limbo, hopefully we get new adventures in 2020

So thanks Stan, thanks Larry, thanks for everything, and let’s hope the greatest love story in comics can continue to flourish both here, in 616, and everywhere else!

Happy new year everyone.