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We Insist Upon This Realm (original poem)



Long and distant whispers
As unquiet as the soul
Fill the rooms around us
They bring comfort to us all
Close your eyes and listen
And believe there is a place
Where echoes of our confessions
Inform the heavens of our race
We pray that our sins cause commotion
Among those standing at the helm
And they look kindly on the parliament where we insist upon this realm


I’m Safe In My Retreat (original poem)


The beats aren’t so erratic
The doomsday clock no longer ticks
I confess to friends all my concerns
Thier advise always clicks
But still I don’t heed their warnings
My fate is with my needs
I give in to the medication
I’m safe in my retreat


Join In Your Song (original poem)


It’s not beyond my place to mention the careless steps you often take
They’re always meant to frighten me, put me me firmly in my place
You bear your soul in distant evenings, you subcumb to bleeding hearts
Thier apparitions all around you, they insist you play your part
How could I cope?
I can, you won’t.
Your spirit soars above me even now, I’m with the moon, you’re with the sun.
You walk this world within life’s limits, with hope and pride through days of scorn
You are to be savoured, I am to be mourned
Within my reach is what I hold sacred, but what I see I cannot hold
My world within is far too secret, your path in life is one that must be told
I’ll share your days, let you know what lies ahead
Prove you speak to your promised heart, don’t take steps towards the dead.
Join in your song
No rights, no wrongs.
Join in your song.

Waking Heavy (original poem)

I’m coming ’round to my expensies
Can’t afford to love you less
You and I breach no defences
We’re free to choose if we confess
Throw me to the lions, sit amongst your prey
I’ll tend to our pride, let them know it’s ok
Teach them nothing is missed, keep their child in two minds
One may slip from sight, the other they’ll find
Waking heavy asks much of us
The weight of the love left when we cry
The sight of the soul asking why.

The Moonlight Bides It’s Time


When you call out at the midnight hour
The moonlight bides it’s time
Wait until the day in motion
Has no place as yours or mine
This moment belongs to one and all
Never shed it on this date
The creatures of the sky and Earth
Bask in this fine gift from fate
And you forever see reflections
Of the world within your eyes
Giving in to your temptations
Pure tension in disguise
You reach out for my tender kiss
And you hope it hits the spot
But in her mind, love is precious
And forever’s what it will cost

No Need For Escape




It’s a day without the cold
Yet I feel there is no heat
There is something on a clear day
That makes me so incomplete
And I look outside the window
Hoping it’s just a phase
All these long surpressed thoughts and feelings
Surround me in a maze
There’s no means of navigation
No sign of a new fate
No way to know the answer
Yet no need for an escape
And then you pull up outside the window
You make your way into our house
No longer are we in danger
We’re as tender as a mouse
There’s a means of navigation
I’m in such a stronger state
And in the maze of my emotion
There’s no need for an escape