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No Lock On The Door (original poem)


Quiet creeps in

Hands strike twice

The crack of dawn

Today I’ll play nice

No dares with the games

No mess on the floor

No questions to ask

No telling what for

Sit down, watch the match

Stand and applaud the score

Just keep your voice down

There’s no lock on the door.

Sunset Mind (original poem)


Clear as water

A moon set alight

Sunset’s burning

I stand by my rights

 To speak out of turn

To right what is wrong

I only regret my shortcomings

At the rise of the dawn

At that time I’ll stand corrected

And submit again to the grind

There is never any silence

For the troubles in your mind

Just Another Place On Earth (Original Poem)

Where are you now?
Your tiny thoughts?
Everything you wish you were
Locked away in the box?
Where are you now?
What can you see?
Is there somewhere, some place, some time
You can spend with me?
I know what you are
You’re in my sights
I know all that you desire
I live your life
Heaven knows where you’ve landed
And heaven lies right here
Half of your world in the distance
Your better half is near
For I’ve seen what lies
In one man’s worth
You fight forever where you’ve landed
Just another place on Earth”

Love’s Only An Answer (Original Poem)


Last night as I lay sleeping
A thought occurred to me
My friendships are so fleeting
None are meant to be
I awaken with a firm resolve
To connect firmly with my past
But then I make the same mistake
Of assuming that will last
And I never seem to learn I was wrong
That a soul can only answer
When you felt it all along
And I never seem to learn I was wrong
That love’s only an answer
When your questions are all gone

We Insist Upon This Realm (original poem)



Long and distant whispers
As unquiet as the soul
Fill the rooms around us
They bring comfort to us all
Close your eyes and listen
And believe there is a place
Where echoes of our confessions
Inform the heavens of our race
We pray that our sins cause commotion
Among those standing at the helm
And they look kindly on the parliament where we insist upon this realm