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Power Rangers Super Megaforce-The Novel

This is the second of what I aim to make three novelizations of Power Rangers Megaforce episodes. I already novelised Mega Mission, which you can read here, and this will be where I deposit my “Super Megaforce” novelization.

As was the case with Mega Mission-The Novel, the story will have it’s own unique elements, characters, and situations, plus I decided to alter the ending ever so slightly, see if you can spot which episodes I borrowed for the new ending. I actually partially based it off a fanedit I made of the episode that I also hope to share someday.


Power Rangers: Super Megaforce-The Novel

Mega Mission-The Novel

A unique novelization of the first episode of Power Rangers Megaforce, with some twists. On his first day of school, Troy Borrows asserts himself, but can he assert himself as the leader of a fresh set of teenagers with attitude as they go toe-to-toe with the Warstar?


Updates will be daily