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The Sarah Jane Adventures: Forever Late Than Never (Fanfiction)

Now thought Sarah.

It has to be now.

Clyde, Luke and Rani were out of the town, out of the country, the conditions were ideal to release herself from her obligations, without anyone bearing witness to her pain.

She could feel the illness course through her body, she didn’t care to give it a name, for it was alien, and intrusive, and quite, quite fatal.

She didn’t know when she had contracted it, or whether or not it was some alien menace wreaking a terrible and exact revenge for the times she had thwarted them.

Perhaps it was even The Trickster’s final surprise?

Whatever it was, it was bringing to her physical form the fateful, fearful stench of indignity. Of suffering. Of death.

She did not want her son to gaze into her eyes and see such little in the way of hope staring back at him. She wanted Luke to forever be in control of his own life, and to live it to its fullest.

For without life, everything stops, and it is all so sudden.

Her legs buckled, she clutched her stomach tightly.

“Mr. Smith, I need you” she whispered as she took in a sharp intake of what could be her final breath.

A loud, omnipresent fanfare resonated around the attic as a mighty supercomputer came to life and folded out of the fireplace in front of her.

“What are your instructions Sarah Jane?” it asked.

“I wasn’t referring to you for once dear friend”

“You called me by name” Mr. Smith replied.

“Plenty of Smiths in this world, even out there in this universe” Sarah responded.

The wind in the attic suddenly picked up, and a wheezing, groaning noise could be heard all around Sarah’s ears.

“Forever late than never” she said as a majestically simple, battered blue box materialised in front of her.

The door to the box opened, and he stepped out.

Sarah’s eyes widened, astonished at the latest form.

One most familiar.

All teeth, all curls, all smiles, and an otherworldly aftershave that knocked her for ten.

She had encountered many of his faces since then, and had heard from her friend Dorothy he’d even changed gender at last, now he stood restored to how she knew him best, teeth and curls.

“Did you miss me Sarah Jane?” he asked, raising an eyebrow and expressing himself with a devilish grin.

“I thought you’d died…this version of you” she said.

“Oh no, no, never, a trick, YES, a trick, never knew I had it. OhSarah, I never knew it was one I had up my sleeve. I got a job you know, as a curator, ah but I got bored of that, that’s the usual business, can never stay in the same spot, one should never say nor stay forever”

Sarah laughed.

“You? A curator? Don’t talk nonsense, you muck about in history, you’re not fit to teach it”

“Not fit? Not fit? You’ll find I’m well fit, all systems go”

The man offered her his hand,

“Come along Sarah, you called to me, here I am. What are you in need of?”

“At first I wanted to say goodbye…I thought it right you see, since this time, it’d be forever” Sarah said, holding back small dots of tears that were forming in her eyes.

“Have you not been listening Sarah? Have you ever? Never say forever” he said with a quaint and soothing whisper.

“Everything has it’s time Doctor…everything ends, but if I’ve learned anything from you, is that nothing can kill a spirit as untamed as mine. Now, more than ever, I want to see it all, experience the world, and more beyond it”

The Doctor wrapped his arm around Sarah’s shoulder, she rested her head on his, and together they looked towards the attic skyline, staring out at the stars, some of them were dancing around another in a most peculiar pattern, gliding up and down, towards each other .

They backed away slowly, extra bright bursts could be seen detaching themselves from the tips of their corners.

It was not a waltz, a thing of beauty to be spectated upon, it was almost as if war had been declared.

“Are those really stars or imploding star ships?” she asked.

“I was so sure they were stars” said The Doctor, not even the remotest bit upset Sarah spoiled the moment.

For the first time in the days that had followed the diagnosis of the cruel virus, Sarah finally chose to defy its grip on her demeanour, and let out a heartfelt and incredibly joyous laugh.

“You mean I can detect an ongoing space war miles away?” she said, almost fainting from the exuberance of the laugh, wanting to fall away and be caught by The Doctor.

The Doctor joined in the merriment, “Maybe you could help me bring some authority to a lawless land?”

“So I’m to become your deputy again? I’m ill you know, contagious, it’d be like germ warfare if you brought me aboard”

The Doctor and Sarah kept their eyes trained on the igniting stars…and, as brightly as they had begun, their light gradually diminished, and they faded all too swiftly from the blackened battlefield.

“They must have found themselves caught in their own crossfire, both sides have decimated the other” The Doctor realised.

The mood changed again to one of sombre reflection, one for aliens that had given in to the spoils of war, and only spoiled their own embrace of life.

He turned to the TARDIS, he turned to Sarah, he turned to the regular starscape staring back at them both from the attic’s visible roof.

“Not too long ago, by your calendar, I had a family, they taught me everything, oh it was nothing Sarah, but everything all at once. They were terribly nice you know, one had a virus inside of him too, a regular old thing, could cure it in an instant, but I chose not to…because you learn how strong a person you love is through the struggle, the quality of life is in the fight Sarah, it’s in surviving every day knowing the bomb could drop tomorrow, and daring the throw of the dice. I told the first earthling I ever kissed, oh I blush, ah but I do, and it wasn’t Romana oddly enough. I told her I could make her dreams come true today, never forever, but in the immediate moment. That’s what time is for a time lord…the moments, tomorrow we can make today, we never say forever, because we say it now”

He snapped his fingers, the TARDIS lit up from the inside, a sparkling white.

“A chance to see the stars a bit closer Sarah Jane?”

Sarah smiled, the kind of smile that tells someone you will follow them for all time.

“Yes Doctor, I’d like that very, very much”

She gave Mr. Smith a final set of instructions, to eventually shut down both itself and Bannerman Road, and to wait. Wait patiently, for the next adventurer to come along, and begin the escapades all over again, where a new family of friends will make the impossible come alive.

And maybe, if they were lucky, they would get to meet her, The Doctor, and yes, even the latest one, and be promised the fulfilment of their dreams in the most immediate moment.

Tomorrow made today.

And their story went on.

As for Sarah’s illness? For every second it continued to linger, it was never quite able to catch up to Sarah on her flight through eternity, never able to deliver the swift and final blow.

Death was constantly kept back.

Always an hour short, always a day behind.

Forever late than never.

Doctor Who: School Reunion [Fanedit]

School Reunion


This weekend provided a spot of closure for several things. Not only did Ash Ketchum win a Pokemon league, Licence to Kill finally had a fanedit approved on FE.org after several attempts from  editors (congratulations to Problem Eliminator for succesfully implementing his vision), and Whoflix, arguably the most tireless Doctor Who video editor of this current, prior, and maybe future generation, released the last of his New and Classic Who edits…and how appropriate a choice.

School Reunion is the perfect marriage of Classic and New Who, paving the way for the future mega-hit that was the Sarah Jane Adventures, and giving us emotional closure between The Doctor and the best of his companions (besides Ace) intrepid journalist Sarah Jane Smith.

Count me among the hopeless romantics who don’t feel the show loses a step if The Doctor gets involved romantically with a companion….provided it’s done right…which, frankly, it seldom ever is. It only works in retrospect, and many a time, it works with companions that the writers aren’t forcing into a relationship with the time lord. Donna, Jo, Sarah Jane, they’re remembered fondly in this way because they earned their closeness with The Doctor, because they either complimented him or took him to task, meaning well and looking out for him in the process. These companions were there for him as friends and equals first, and that’s what drew us to them, and it’s also what drew The Doctor to them in the end also.

So when Ten said goodbye to Sarah, I refused to accept he was putting him behind her, and the ongoing saga at the time vindicated that belief as they would meet several more time, with each instance we gained a little more insight into Sarah’s thoughts and feelings towards the man as she built a life without him. In my headcanon, long past the unfortunate end of SJA, a very much alive Sarah is visited upon one more time by The Doctor, revisiting the face of his tenth or seventh incarnation, and they elope, ultimately concieving the young lady we see recruiting Kate Winslet and the lady off Ever Decreasing Circus against Nazi Eldritch and supercomputer Behemoth in Dark Season

Oh, wait, you’ve never heard of that? Google it, it can also be found on Youtube. If you still haven’t seen it, you haven’t been born yet.

I decided after viewing Whoflix’s edit of School Reunion, I would do one myself, one that is more or less the same story, but with a different opening and ending attached. Trimming it down to 35 minutes, we start the pre-titles with Sarah meeting The Doctor in the staff room, and the titles kick in after the scene where we first see the children hard at work on their computers putting together the Krillitane code.

From there, it’s the same story right up until Sarah visits the TARDIS, The Doctor asks if she likes to come…and in what makes the edit even more different is Sarah doesn’t say no, and if she was going to, she doesn’t get the chance as Mickey interupts to ask if he can come with them. We cut around Mickey’s line of dialogue to avoid him saying “..And not with you”, and the episode ends with Ten agreeing to take Mickey the idiots on board..possibly with Sarah Jane too…it’s left ambiguous

Oh, and because we don’t end on the goodbye or the emotional embrace, that means there’s no pointless rebuilding of K9 to undermine his sacrifice towards the end…and people say Moffat had a liplock on that sort of thing. Pfft.


Torchwood-Life Like Fire [Fanfiction]



Life Like Fire

Edith Lyons stood triumphant in the smouldering ruins of the detainment camp, her knees buckling, her physical strength failing, her body, ravaged by radiation from nuclear fallout years ago, was giving out on her, but her spirit was soaring. She had let all these caged birds fly across the fields and towards safety.

She had helped to change the world.

She spotted her lover Fran nearby, helping to load the last of the refugees into the backs of vans, soon her mission would be over and they could settle for a while. The war was far from won, but the night had been.

The air suddenly became thinner and thinner, Edith took her inhaler and took in a deep intake, but this time it was proving to have minimal effect. She believed this could be the end, but she would not be denied a final question from her lips directed towards a species, a society and possibly even the universe.

“I wonder…I wonder…what happens next?” she asked.

Then there was blackness.

She would recover, because she wanted to see, there was always so much to see. The urge to have her question answered was so great it would drive her to defy death’s call. She followed the news diligently, news of a world waking up to the horrors of Vivian Rook and her four star party, she would eventually entertain herself with the corners of the dark web, the resistance network, who chatted about tales of those culpable in the transfer of refugees to the detainment camps and the inhumane treatment they received there, being stolen away into the night towards a haven, or to be condemned to a fresh hell.

She planned a reckoning for all those that had wronged others so callously. She only needed the spark of inspiration to light her path.

She would be there for her brother Stephen, and hear his anguish, his pain. It was more about him than her, he was mourning his own catastrophic failures and how afraid he was she would pass on without seeing him redeemed, but she understood why he felt this way, and was well prepared

When the opportunity arose to use cutting edge technology to upload her memories into a data cloud, she saw the chance to make good on many promises to herself, to her family, to the world.

She would live on to see how the human race advances.

She would exact revenge on Vivian Rooke.

She would stay in touch with her family.

She would become a beacon, a lighthouse, guiding ships, souls, into port and navigating then through the dark.

The day comes, and she is plugged into the machine. Her niece Bethany is there for most of the experience, calling in from home, she has prepared the family for a new, yet familiar, arrival.

Tied to the machine, tanks of water molecules behind her, years, and years roll by in her head, flashes of what had been her family’s life up to that point, all stored in her head, plucked and deposited onto molecules of water, used to chronicle the life path of a family that lived like fire and burned as brightly.

The Doctors, Moss and Riku, hear of how confident she will be of living as a brand new form of life within the complex network, how she believed Vivian Rook had been stolen away by whoever funded her, and her plans for retribution on her.

They believed it was all imagination, and urged her to calm down. Edith was confident what she had ‘imagined’ was merely the future offering her a tantalising promise of tomorrow. This would happen, she’d make it happen.

Bethany eventually departs as they enter the final stage. Edith relaxed herself, laying down on the bed and allowing death to creep in, but not before one final affirmation.

“You’re wrong, you know. You’re absolutely wrong. Everything you’ve stored. All the downloads. Those bits of me that you’ve copied on to water, you’ve got no idea what they really are. I’m not a piece of code. I’m not information. All these memories, they’re not just facts; they’re so much more than that. They’re my family. And my lover. They’re my mum, and my brother who died years ago. They’re love. That’s what I’m becoming now. Love. I am love”

She could feel her life signs slipping away, she prepared for the end.

The doctors were swiftly interrupted by several men, some of them armed, and two individuals, a man in a long grey overcoat and a blonde woman in a dark blue coat and skirt.

“Slight change of plan Doctor Moss” said the man.

“Excuse me, but who exactly are you?” said Moss.

“Yvonne Hartman, and this is Captain Jack Harkness, we’re known to Edith, well, one of us is”

Yvonne looked toward one of the men, who removed his helmet to reveal the features of a man Edith had met when conspiring with the rest of her family on how to free Viktor Gariah, the lover of her deceased brother Daniel, who had been detained at one of Rook’s camps.

The man, Ahmed, walked over to Edith and checked for a pulse.

“It’s too late, she’s gone” said Riku.

“Notify the family” said Moss.

“Yes, open a link to them, I can take it from there” said Jack.

“She saved my sister, she saved everyone, we have to save her, you promised us she would help light the way for others” said Ahmed.

“And we’ll fulfil that promise, right now she has to put certain fears to rest” Jack replied, working on a device attached to his wrist.

“Have you tapped into the network?” asked Yvonne.

“I work like a charm every time, probably because I’m such a charmer”

“I’d say you’re just a lucky charm” said Yvonne.

“Oh really, is that why the government is always after me?” Jack joked.

“I’m sorry, but are you actually trying to hack into our cloud database?” asked Moss.

“Not hacking, extracting”

“Extracting data?”

“Edith’s data to be precise, and giving her memory core a bit of a boost to create centralised sentient awareness. We got in touch with her family just before we arrived here, they’re prepared. Got them to use an old Signor device from back in the day, it’s a bit primitive, I’d have preferred the walls to house her voice like with current technology provides, create a genuine haunted house given the state that building is in”

“Amusement’s for lesser centuries Captain” said Yvonne.

“Oh right, just ’cause this is where everything changes, some things like genuine fun doesn’t get to stay encased in amber” Jack sarcastically replied.

“You can’t just put Edith’s mind into a Signor and expect to be so formal with her family, if there’s a chance this works, she could react badly to being out of mind, out of place” Moss protested.

“But she wouldn’t be. Don’t you see? Couldn’t you tell she was trying to persuade you otherwise? We were watching everything, when she said she would enter the machine and become a spite and a spirit that would fly across the oceans to hunt down her prey, she was committed to the idea she would not be prone to human conditions, human failings, the reactions, the fears, the anxieties, she has fearlessly lit her path and it is furious, it is also fair, she will not be like Prometheus and the sun, hers is a life like fire and she will burn those who have crossed the Earth will ill intent. We’ll help her every step of the way”

“How so?” said Moss.

Jack approached the water tanks; he put his right hand against the tip of one of them, gently pressing his head against the glass.

“Edith, we know who was behind Rooke, in your normal and constrained world, they would be beyond your comprehension, but now? Now you’re above even them, you are what they are trying to deny the rest of humanity. You are evolved, you are different, transhuman, life without limitation, you are more vital to your cause, to the diverse trail that we must lead the world through. We can help you, we can take your gift, we can give you a voice and turn up the volume so all those who refuse to listen can hear you. Go to your family, let them know it’s you, tell them the truth about what’s going on, why you need to do what you have to, then drift away, find Vivian Rook. You helped light the path of revolution Edith; don’t ever diminish the role you had in that. Cross the boarders like your brother did”

There was silence for what appeared to be ages, the water levels in the tank rose, the temperature in the room began to get warmer and then colder

“If you’re there, if I’ve succeeded, greet us like only Edith Lyons can”

At the Lyons home, the family gathered.

Bethany got the call.

“She’s gone” she said.

The grandmother, Muriel, took her turn to speak, addressing the device pearched in the middle of the table

“Good afternoon Signor”

Not even a second passes before the response is made

“Good afternoon” it replied in a partially feminine, and familiar, voice.

Jack smiled.

“Welcome to Torchwood Ms. Lyons”

Doctor Who-A Door Once Opened [Fanfiction]



A Door Once Opened

The Doctor paced up and down the TARDIS, his mind troubled, he watched as Donna Noble, full of spirit and hope, dashed around the consoles, flicking switches and observing the arrangement of solar systems on the display screens.

“Picked a spot yet?” The Doctor asked.

“I thought we could try the planet Felspoon. Just because. What a good name, Felspoon. Apparently, it’s got mountains that sway in the breeze. Mountains that move. Can you imagine?”

“How would you know that?”

“Because it’s in your head. And if it’s in your head, it’s in mine.”

The Doctor walked over to her, calmly as he could, as if he were approaching the eye of a wild storm.

“And how does that feel?” he asked

“Brilliant! Fantastic! Molto bene! Great big universe, packed into my brain. You know you could fix that chameleon circuit if you just tried hotbinding the fragment links and superseding the binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary…”

Donna gasped for breath, The Doctor reached out for her, but she pushed him back, insisting she was in good health.

“Nah, never mind Felspoon. You know who I’d like to meet? Charlie Chaplin. I bet he’s great, Charlie Chaplin. Shall we do that? Shall we go and see Charlie Chaplin? Shall we? Charlie Chaplin? Charlie Chester. Charlie Brown. No, he’s fiction. Friction, fiction, fixing, mixing, Rickston, Brixton”

Donna reeled back; this time collapsing backwards into The Doctor’s waiting arms. This time, Donna could feel a burning sensation course through her mind, her temperature rose and fell, a mixture of hot and cold, all the while her head experienced a dizzying spell.

Miraculously, she staggered to her feet, The Doctor gently supporting her.

“My god, I feel just like Susie Harper when she caught wind of her husband’s car crash in Swansea” she said.

“Donna, are you aware of what’s happening to you?”


“There’s never been a human time lord metacrisis before now, and you know why”

“Because there can’t be” she said, fresh tears beginning to run down her face.

“I want to stay” she said.

The Doctor couldn’t help but afford himself a wry smile.

“Susan used to say that, a long time ago now, she’d seen every sweeping sort of change there is in this universe, yet she never wanted things to change for herself. Change is good, they say, change is evolution. What happens when the change is too great though? What if you cease to be the person we all know you to be? That’s what she was afraid of; she wanted to belong somewhere, in one place, in one time. I always told her that was an impossibility”

“And now?” Donna asked, barely holding it together.

“Now I’ve learned a few things…what do you want Donna?”

“I want to belong Doctor, but with you, here, in the TARDIS, exploring galaxies , learning all I can from you, facing the faceless, staying true to who I am, but being an equal, you and me, the Doctor Donna”

The Doctor graced her tearful cheeks with a tender touch and rubbed it smoothly.

“We had the best of times” he said, pressing his fingertips gently against the sides of her temple.

“No, no Doctor, please I want to stay, I don’t want to go back”

“Donna, when you travel with me, there is no going back”

“So what is this?” Donna said as The Doctor gently closed his eyes and concentrated.

“Stay still” he said.

Donna ceased pleading and stayed as composed as she could, The Doctor tensed up, his body shook, she felt something move within her mind, her temperature stabilised, but now it was The Doctor that was becoming cold to the touch, then hot again.

The Doctor’s eyes snapped open and his right leg gave out, he knelt to one side, leaning onto the console for support. Donna cradled him, trying to get him back to his feet.

“Doctor? My head, it’s getting clearer, what did you do?”

“I experimented, just a little, call it an original recipe if you will” The Doctor said, short of breath, he grabbed his chest and tried to pump his hearts back into a regular pattern, as they were both beating a bit too rapidly.

“You took advantage of my personal crisis to conduct an experiment? Oh that’s wizard, I’ve gone from teacher’s pet to lab rat” she replied.

The Doctor couldn’t help but laugh at Donna’s tenacity.

“Look at you, not one second off of avoiding a meltdown, and here you are having a meltdown”

Donna was initially peeved at the sheer cheek on display, but The Doctor’s smile and the relief her crisis had been avoided was enough to get her to think differently, and she soon joined in the merriment with a fresh giggle of her own.

“Alright Frankenstein, you’ve got one shot at an explanation before I take a shot at your ribs for that one, so let it out”

“A few years ago, when I travelled with Rose, I came across Madame De Pompadour, uncrowned queen of France, fantastic gardener. She was being stalked by some robots who wanted her body parts to power their ship and she was feeling very perturbed about that, so I peered into her mind trying to uncover exactly why they specifically chose her…and then something extraordinary happened, she peered into my own head. Two-way telekinetic symbiosis between Time Lord and human. She observed all my memories, could see them as clear as I could see myself”

“Did you ask her how she could do this?”

“All still a bit of a mystery to me, but I never forgot what she said. She told me ‘A door once opened can be stepped through either direction’, that’s when it struck me, a door, a back door, that I could use to deposit all of your experiences with the meta crisis, pouring it into my own head, and leaving the telekinetic link open so everything else your tiny human head observes and absorbs from this moment onward can reside in a tidy little corner of my own mind, dormant and asleep”

“Who are you calling tiny?” Donna said, winking.

The Doctor hummed a little melody to himself as his hearts began to beat regularly, he felt a spring in his step, but he couldn’t yet let go of Donna.

His hands clung on to her own; he looked into her penetrating eyes.

“Our minds will stay linked, every pain in your path will be shared by me, you need not fear overheating, you need not fear fits, you need not fear anything…but it does mean your ordinary life is over, this means you can’t go back to temp jobs and traffic jams, this means you have a place where you belong”

“Just say this means forever Doctor”

“You and me. For as long as we live”

Donna clung to the Doctor tightly; The Doctor cradled her in his arms.

“This feels a bit less platonic…nice though” he said.

“Well, maybe Dalek Cann had a point; maybe this was always fated to happen” Donna said.

“Hope you’re well prepared then, because there’s something else I shared with Madame De Pompadour” he said, and leaned in to give Donna a mesmerising kiss.

Doctor Who-The End of Time [Fanedit]

End of Time

When I first approached this edit, I wanted to try and make it appear like Ten did not go through the “he will knock four times” scenario and thus would not have to regenerate. I don’t think the final product was all that stellar, with terrible music cues leading to poor transitions and a rather dodgy narrative in places…so when remounting the project for inclusion on FE.Org, I thought it ought to be a simpler, less radical omnibus edit…which resulted in a much smoother product.

Gone is most of Part One, which has been reduced to just 45 minutes, and we open on Ten and Wilf talking in the cafe, with Ten (channeling RTD) rambling on about how regeneration/leaving the show feels like dying (thus preparing a whole generation of plebs to write off the show or grow to hate it instantly upon RTD and Tennant’s departure) , all you need to know is that Ten’s been on Earth for a while, and the mysterious connection Wilf has to him drew the two together….and we follow the scene through to it’s impactful conclusion with the reveal of Timothy Dalton’s Rassilon…and then the titles.

After that, we, like the TARDIS, take a step back through time and space to The Doctor being summoned to the Ood sphere and being informed of The Master’s resurrection…only we evade The Doctor and The Master’s encounters with homeless men and Minnie The Menace, and cut straight to The Doctor confronting the energy wielding Master in the quarry.

Three more edits after this, the first a simple joining of part one’s cliffhanger to Rassilon entering his chambers to discuss the perils of the Time War at the start of part two, followed by us skipping him learning about The Doctor and The Master locked in their struggle and learning of Earth. The reason for this is to tighten up the continuity ever so slightly, as it can be rather jarring that we go from Rassilon talking about how The Master would achieve glory for the Time Lords, only to then have their next scene be a flashback to how they learned precisely why. Luckily, I didn’t need to cut so much out of the war room meeting.

After this,  it’s all of part two up to  when The Doctor leaves Wilf at the church having given Donna Geoffrey Noble’s winning lottery ticket.

I never liked the idea of Ten going back to visit Rose in 2005, even if he kept to the shadows, it was one companion revisit too many and I don’t think The Doctor would want to reopen that void in his hearts knowing he got cucked by her and his doppelganger in “Journey’s End”

There is only one minor plot hole in the whole thing, and that was when Ten talks to Wilf about losing The Master at the quarry..but you can easily explain that away with what you didn’t get to hear at the cafe scene in the opening scene as the two got caught up on things.




Doctor Who-The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (FE.Org Version)

An edit I’ve made over a dozen times finally got the seal of approval over on FE.org, and it is’nt the only DW edit I have on there. It was joined by The Snowmen last week and soon my edit of The Pilot will join it. 201a-The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith

I always thought The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith would fit much better as one of the last David Tennant DW specials, and so I took the liberty of joining the episodes together (SJA is a half hour show and is often serialized more than New Who is), and making it work as one.


– Cut approx. a minute from the beginning of “Part One”, including titles and writers/directors credits.

– Opening titles with David Tennant and Elizabeth Sladen credits taken from “The Stolen Earth/Journie’s End” titles and used a shortened version of the 2009 version of the theme song as this is considered part of the “Ten Farewell Tour” specials

– Story proceeds as normal until the arrival of The Trickster at the reception.

– Cut one minute and twenty-three seconds from the begining of “Part Two”, which is mostly all a reprise of part one. Removed Director’s credit

– Removed Sarah Jane and the kids saying what a fantastic person The Doctor is and what a fantastic team they make, removed “next time” for next SJA adventure and end credits, we now close the episode as the TARDIS door closes on The Doctor

– Omitted Credits 



Doctor Who-Gallifrey Falls [Fanedit]


IFDB Entry 


In it’s infancy, this edit was known as “The Moment Has Come” and was released on this blog back in 2015, but the purging of my previous MEGA account lost the product to the tearful rains of time, so I’ve now decided to revisit it with a snappier title and a few improvements to the editing.

The episode now begins with the very unveiling of the “Gallifrey Falls” painting, and the titles follow Matt saying “the day he killed them all”, we have a shortened version of the RTD era Doctor Who theme, and then back to the museum for most of the story.

I decided to hold back from the War Doctor’s introduction scene until the time came for him to meet The Moment and fetch the Fez, luckily, there’s a perfect moment to bridge from the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors meeting to that scene as soon as Ten says “so where did it go?” when inquiring about the Fez. Very lucky to have had that scene there.

The destruction of Gallifrey originally came about in my first edit as soon as Clara found the War Doctor had vanished from the chair. Here we get to see the War Doctor actually trigger the big red button that leads to the obliteration of the planet.

Most of the story is the same, I opted to also omit any scene with the painting of Elizabeth and Ten getting smashed in by the Zygons for reasons that become quite clear at the end. I was never really satisfied with how Whoflix  ended his Tennant cut, and thought it needed a better closing shot than just his TARDIS materializing. So I spared the painting of Elizabeth and The Doctor from destruction so we can have a quick pan over to it one more time.


Doctor Who-Rose: Eight to Nine Edit [Fanedit]



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Cast your mind back to 2005…simpler times and simple pleasures. Russel T. Davies re awoken the sleeping giant of science-fiction with a modest and whirl wind reinvention of Doctor Who starring Christopher Eccelston as the Ninth Doctor and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler, who became essentially the show’s quintessential answer to Gwen Stacy…only without the satisfaction of a bridging.

For that first year, many fans questioned where things would go, it would not be until “Dalek” where we learned who was involved in the last great time war (I, being a book nerd, thought they were going to make the recently folded war with Faction Paradox canon to the tv world), other questions were whether or not Adam would turn out to be Davros because of his ‘third eye’ (yes, erratically preposterous fan theories were running rampant even back then), but the most crucial question on everyone’s mind…was what had happened to Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor?

There didn’t seem to be an answer. Doctor Who Magazine at one point offered to reveal how he came to be Christopher Eccelston with the planned conclusion to their final Eighth Doctor strip adventure “The Flood”, something RTD even encouraged, but the BBC had the final say and did’nt want Eccelston to be glimpsed before transmission, so the idea was quietly dropped and the strip adventure ended on a homage of sorts to “Survival”. I remember being quite vexed at the time about it, as there were still loose ends from that era still to be tied up…though that would be (partially) remedied in later years with the new series Doctors.

We did’nt get a concrete answer until the 50th anniversary, seven years later, in the “Night of the Doctor” minisode, where the Eighth Doctor tries in vain to save someone who despises his race and stays with her ’till the bitter end…only to be given a choice by the Sisterhood of Karn to become a being who could tip the balance in the ongoing time war. He chooses to be a warrior, a Doctor no more…we come to know him as a Doctor of war.

It wasn’t Eccelston though.

In a convoluted fashion that can only come about when a reluctant actor doesn’t want to dip his toes in the same lake twice, Eccelston was replaced in the special by John Hurt, and the special tied up the remainder of RTD’s influence on the show in grandfatherly fashion. Eccelston had to make do with archive footage of him being used in the sequence where all thirteen Doctors save Gallifrey.

Fans opinion was mixed, some did not take to the fact Mcgann was shafted by the 50th and did’nt get to participate in the time war at all, others could not adapt well to the concept that Eccelston was not even the Ninth, but in actuality the tenth incarnation of the time lord, bumping Matt Smith up to the final incarnation. Some thought the lineage of the Doctors had become slightly more complicated than it need be.

Some cried out for simpler times.

Took a few years but…wish granted.

Cast your mind back now to 2005, where the Eighth transitions to Nine in just under a few minutes, sit back and enjoy Eccleston’s first adventure all over again…oh, and this time, let’s leave Rose Tyler behind shall we?

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