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Power Rangers Time Force-Renforcements From The Future [Fanedit]


An edit that required minimum effort and fuss, this is merely the second half of the Power Rangers Wild Force two-part crossover ‘Reinforcements From The Future’ re purposed as a “season two” episode of Power Rangera Time Force, complete with TF-flavoured pre-titles, titles, and end credits.



Power Rangers Zeo: Good As Gold-The Scorpion Rain Edit [Fanedit]



As part of the 25th anniversary celebrations, here’s the latest draft of a new Power Rangers Zeo fanedit I put together. It’s the season finale “Good as Gold” with it’s climatic battle radically altered so that the Zeo Rangers face off against Lord Zedd and Serpenterra. This also provides more adequate closure for the crew of the Lunar Palace as they finally withdraw from the moon and retire until the rise of Dark Spectre.

If you’re new to the Scorpion Rain hoax, visit this link for details on it’s origins and it’s legacy


Download Here

A passion project of mine for well over eight years, this is it in it’s third form. As I have improved my skills as an editor over the years, I’ve always found going back to this hybrid mish-mash of episodes a very creative challenge

If you’re wondering why the Cogs are still fighting the Rangers here, just assume Zedd has control of them after taking out the Skybase or they’re the ones the Tengas had been taking the wires out of

Turbo: A Power Rangers Sample

So yeah, here’s a try-out for another Turbo: A Power Rangers movie edit. I’ve opted to remove most of the opening act and open on Alpha detecting that Lerigot has arrived on Earth, and with the Rangers visiting Rocky in the hospital, with his back injury happening off-screen, I feel it gives the movie a more sombre feel. Also included is Bulk and Skull’s only appearance in this entire edit, as I cut out everything to do with their abduction and brainwashing.

V.R Troopers Premiere Promos (GMTV)


I’m presently searching for some of my old VHS tapes from the 90s, so far I’ve managed to find a couple of old wrestling PPVs, and an old recording from an Easter holiday weekend edition of British morning strand GMTV (1993-2010). What makes this interesting for us is that the following week saw the ITV debut of V.R Troopers (it was already airing on the SKY services, but this was it’s terrestrial tv premiere), so at the very end of this particular morning they ran a small clip from “The Battle Begins Part One” as a taster of what to expect.

Your host for this kids strand is Simon Parkins. Better ( or lesser) known now as a weatherman for ITV Meridian, but who was a fondly remembered face on CBBC television during the Broom Cupboard years.

I’ve uploaded the Troopers promo, as well as an ad for it from earlier in the strand.

Apologies for the slightly loose-in-synch audio



(password to view edit: power)


-Added Lionsgate card
-Posistioned Zack attacking the Koreans to the beginning of the film. Removed dialogue about Zach joining the Machine Empire as well as the Hip-Hop Kido video. It’s better we hear it referenced by the General rather than seen
-Added lightning storm effects and the MMPR movie logo.
-Significantly shortened the PTSD sequences, “Kimberly” constantly blacking out replaced with lightning storm effects.
-Added Bulk and Skull theme to the scene where Jason is shot to pieces
-Added lightning storm effect to transition from Tommy finding Adam drowned in the tub back to the interrogation scene as this was where the Zach vs Koreans sequence took place and we’ve since moved that to the start
-Added Ron Wasserman’s “I Will Win” to the battle between Tommy and Rocky