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Power Rangers Operation Overdrive-Once A Ranger Overhauled

I’ve been working on this one for the last three days. It’s general consensus that this one is almost irredeemable in it’s original presentation. While I don’t know if I can necessarily salvage all of it, I have tried to strip it down to just the essentials and make it a tighter regular-length presentation. Amongst the changes made are: -Classic Saban season-style pre-credit sequence -Alternative introduction to the veteran Rangers (no Stonehenge/Koichisplosion fest) -No “Rangers quit their day job” sub-plot I did two versions of this edit, one where Mack goes off in search of Excelsior alone and confronted by Thrax, and one with the Rangers already at the statue minus the confrontation with Thrax. The one uploaded is the former, I have plans to upload the latter in future