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Star Wars Rogue One Review And Fanedit Ideas

I’m a tough nut to crack regarding movies with the myth of hype behind them, but this is a cracking good movie.

Is it perfect? No…there’s a really mediocre middle act where you have to wonder “why did they go there?”, but they pick up speed swiftly after and there’s at least a pivotal plot point in it that the protagonists learn of. Everything after that is pure gold. Every action means something, and there is so many boss scenes with Vader that it finally, FINALLY, rinses out the bitter taste of “Nooooooooooo”. James Earl Jones redeemed. Vader redeemed. Make no mistake about it, it puts a whole new spin on A New Hope, that movie really ought to be re titled to “A Stroke of Luck”

That entire third act IS Star Wars. Go see it, just try to make it through the second act and you will be pleasantly rewarded.


Now, onto the fanedit ideas

I’d see about possibly removing that entire middle act, you could have Felicity Jones learn about “stardust” another way than from her dad’s dying mouth, I’d actually end her dad’s role when she finds his hologram from Forest Whitaker (and yeah, I’m lapsing on the actual character names, sorry), also I’d minimise the number of times the design flaw in the Death Star is constantly brought up.

-The right transistional effects
-Maybe call it “Episode IV.1”
-More of the classic score
-You really don’t need all the Tarkin scenes.


Star Wars-Force Awakens Test

Thought I’d try something fun with Force Awakens. The idea was to switch certain scenes around to create a more captivating sense of mystery and urgency regarding the situation. I feel opening the movie on Poe’s interrogation is a good way of setting that up, and BB8’s introduction is more interesting to the viewer because we don’t know what this droid is doing out in the desert, finally (and this will require a lot of editing), we show how the horrors of war drives Finn to do the right thing as his squadron rein down destruction on a  village (with Poe and BB8’s involvement removed, this is not reflected in this sample though, it stops just before they land)

Ignore the fact I have no opening text crawl, It’s something I’m very useless at and may request help on it at Fanedit.org.

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