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Thunderbirds Are Go!-Prepared [Fanfiction



In Grandma’s eyes, her meal rivalled that of a king’s feast.

In Jeff’s eyes, the meal would prove more of a challenge than survival within the Oort cloud.

Still, he had to grin and bear it; he had to make sure his mom was happy.

Somehow that didn’t seem to be too momentous a task, there was a spark of vitality to her, an ethos to her that he thought could easily have diminished on the very instant he went missing.

But the Tracys were made of sterner stuff, they had to be in this field of expertise, where rescues could go awry at any second and lives were at stake, including those trying to preserve said life.

They had to be on edge, their skills and wits always at the ready.

He took a bite of the charred turkey, his mother looking at him with a bedazzled and encouraging stare, daring him to take a bite. He got the distinct impression she was in on something, as if she’d come to an epiphany many years ago about her own cooking and wanted to see just how much the fabled Tracy stomach could take.

Grandma could sense something was bothering Jeff, and that it had little to do with her efficiency at cooking.

“Give me something for my ear to chew on dear, what’s troubling you?” Grandma asked politely.

“I heard the boys talking about Alan’s graduation; it happened only a couple of hours before they set out to find me”

“You weren’t there to see him leave this earth a boy, but in the Oort cloud, you got to see him as the man he’d become” Grandma replied.

Jeff cheered up, and took a bite of the blackened turkey, giving it an aggressive and determined chew; he was channelling his frustration into devouring and ultimately digesting it.

“I was lucky to be in just the right spot, they came at just the right time, their long reach saving me from the short end. When it came my turn to save Scott as the asteroid came apart, I heard no screams, no cries, no desperation; everyone was prepared for something, prepared for hope, prepared for doubt, prepared for rescue, and even prepared for the end”

“You taught them the art of preparation Jeff, they carried it with them all their lives, and it’s what enabled them to save countless others” Grandma assured him.

Jeff wiped his mouth gently with a napkin, threw it down, and rose from his chair fully recharged and primed.

“How do you feel son?” asked Grandma.

“As prepared as they were, and still are. Let’s save lives” said Jeff.

Thunderbirds were go.

Thunderbirds Are Go-A Scene From A Play




(Contains spoilers for “Brains vs Brawn”)

As the Tracy clan watched as the GDF aircraft flew away, carrying The Hood out of their hair, the team began to reflect on all the hazards still awaiting their busy lives in spite of their arch-foe’s absence.

Kayo’s thoughts, in the meantime, were split between wanting to share in that summerization of the day to day antics, and on something she learned shortly after landing with the rest of them.

Brains had taken her to one side and told her of the tangible fear that had gripped him, Grandma, and Alan over at the island when Thunderbird Shadow’s wing was singed by a blast from the Sentinal sattelite weapon deployed by The Mechanic.

He’d told her of Alan springing into action, intending to go up to the Sentinal in Thunderbird 3 and decommision it personally.

Kayo learned of the fear he had, the anger rising up in him, the concern overriding his reason. Brains told her all of that.

And when the time came to offer her two cents on what could bother International Rescue next, she opted to walk up to where Alan was standing before uttering any sort of words.

Once the spectacle of seeing the GDF ship sail away had passed, and the team made plans to head back home, Alan stood where he was, lost in thought.

Kayo elected to ask him what was on his mind.

“Oh, nothing much Kayo, I just feel like we came out of a really unbalanced comedy film…for something as climatic as this experience was, there didn’t appear to be any stakes. The Mechanic got a few licks in, but we ran circles around him. The pass-the-parcel thing was a running gag the whole day, the Mechanic had such lax security that Brains was able to get on board no problem. For all the hype over the Sentinel’s firepower, it really made minimal impact. Either we’re too good, or…”

“…Or everything felt far too easy” replied Kayo.

“Exactly. Brains had already said The Mechanic’s actions were under the direct control of The Hood, suppose that applied to what was going on even when he was controling the Sentinal?”

“Are you saying my Uncle arranged this whole sordid thing?”

“Like a scene from a play” said Alan.

“We’re going to have to talk to the others about your theory” said Kayo.

“You believe me?” said Alan.

“I’ve always believed you, and believed in you” she said, giving him a tender hug and a few light kisses on the nose.

“Wow, what brought that on?” he asked.

“For flying to the moon and back for me” she said.

As she headed back towards Thunderbird Shadow, Alan wondered just how lucky he was, and debated whether it was for his theory being believed or for that very moment he just shared.

Thunderbirds Are Go-Seek His Center (fanfic)




(contains spoilers for the season two finale)

On the other side of the door was trouble, Scott could sense it.

As the door slid open and the face of the soul he had to salvage appeared before him, Scott could only think back to something his grandmother said to him many years ago when he was little, words that she would soon repeat to him as she oversaw the tense situation unfolding as The Hood requested International Rescue’s assistance in ensuring his well-being.

It was a quiet June morning, Scott was about eight. He had been practicising for a role in a play. It was pseduo-shakesperian, only you did’nt have to practise the volcabulary that was demanded in the source material. So long as you could stick to the basics of the story, you could go in any kind of direction.

But Scott couldn’t come up with anything witty, anything that struck out like a bolt from the blue. He lacked an urgency, a demand, to twist the knife into the souls he was tasked to salvage from the fleeting hours of a weary day. The audience seeked escapism, they sought adventure.

But Grandma had a cruel notion, she was often dissatisfied with the comforting ease of these plays and their performances, the urge to reward mediocrity and blandness. Everyone gets a medal. All the parents are jubilant as, to their eyes, all their children were winners.

How uncreative. How conformist. How uniform.

So she pulled Scott aside and she told him to perform to the level he was most comfortable with, even if it gave them what they took time out of their dreary lives to see, they did not have to want what he was willing to give. On the other hand, they may very well NEED what he could offer.

So he took to the stage a few days and was serious while others played the fool, he taught himself the proper shakesperian dialouge, he confused those he performed with, those who did not practice their craft and were content to stick to their own script. It showed their lack of devotion, exposed them as failiures in front of their loved ones.

It did not make Scott a star that night. Parents were seething at the failiures of their children to catch up to the young Tracy, and their own inability to interpret the situations within the defining context of their source material. Scott was performing at a higher level.

To those that stayed and applauded the performance, it was something they would savour.

Grandma’s words resonated strongly with Scott.

“They don’t have to like it”

And it was words he heard repeated as she conveyed to him the importance of International Rescue’s moral code and theri duty of care. It was a sacred vow they could not break.

But as the many months and years had proven, not everyone wants to enjoy the experiance, even if they desperatley needed it.

And now he was faced with their greatest adversary wanting the help.

Grandma’s words gave him the nudge he needed. To save this person, he would seek his center, and, knowing precisely how thanks to every ill experiance he had endured with unwilling souls, he would find a way to twist the knife into it.

It would be what he needed, but at the end of it all, it would not be what he wanted.

Thunderbirds Are Go-The Tallest Man In The Room (fanfic)



(Contains spoilers for “Home on the Range”)

“Yep, we’re sure making memories here” Scott said, holding the video camera and sighing in embarrassment as Alan and Gordon continued to wrestle one another over who got to sit in the armchair.

“Let go already, you’re just as bad as you are at camping. You always wrestle me for the best tent” Gordon yelled in frustration.

“Whenever there’s a bunk bed we have to share, you always want to be king of that hill. Well, when it comes to chairs of reasonable comfort, you can pick your hill to come tumbling off of, because it’s mine” said Alan

The two wound up fallnig into a heap on the floor, rolling around and pulling at each other’s hair. Gordon, elbowing Alan in the back with his kneecaps, grabbed his face and started waxing the floor with it. A mischevous grin etched across his features.

“Ok boys, I think you’re getting a little too rough here” said Scott, and gave a nod to Virgil to tackle the two and keep them seperated.

Before they could do so though, someone made their way into the ranch that commanded respect and, appropriate for the situation, manners.

“Penny, hi” said Gordon anxiously as Lady Penelope walked into the room with an authoritive prescense, and took a seat on the chair the two Tracy brothers were squabbling over.

“There, I think I’ve settled this within seconds” she said.

“We were just being playful, you know, a little way to shake off some steam” Gordon replied nervously.

“Oh you bet I’m steamed” said Alan

“Hey though, you did a good job taking over from Kayo on that rescue operation while she tried to trail the Mechanic. Good timing, and a herculean effort. That journalist is going to tell a very different story about us now”

“Actually Gordon, I wanted to ask Alan about the stories he’s heard about you…something about what you utter when you’re asleep” Penelope replied. Gordon gulped.

“Really? Nah, you don’t want to hear those stoires, they’re so embarrasing” he said

“Men tripping over their own feet are the kind of stories genders such as mine live for” she said, “It’s always good to know what someone’s hopes and fears are, their likes and dislikes, and since you’re far too proud to open up, I have to turn to the rest of the pack”

“Heh, for once, I’m summoned to court and I’m not the jester” said Alan.

Penelope snapped her fingers

“Scott, I’d like some tea please” she said.

“I’d rather be making memories than tea” he remarked

“Come on Scott, I can film you making the tea, just put on your Mrs. Nesbit impression. Kayo and Grandma will get a kick out of it” said Virgil.

“Yeah, court’s in session and I’m the jester this time around” Scott replied, shaking his head.

Gordon went outside and looked out at the beutiful cliff faces north of the family ranch. Kayo joined him.

“You sure got wild at the wrong time there” she said.

“I can’t help being territorial sometimes Kayo. Alan and I sharing the same space always has to have some competitive clause, we have to always be the tallest man in the room, and when we see one gain an upper hand, we’re eager to cut each other down to size”

“So long as you never fight over anything important, you can beat the living daylights out of one another. It’s good to get a little rowdy, and I’m sure there’s nothing you say in your sleep that will be of that much interest to Penelope”

“Half my time asleep is littered with dreams that involve her, what do you THINK is coming out of my mouth whenever that’s the case?” said Gordon

Kayo was taken aback, but felt assured there would be no trouble.

“Listen, Alan’s head is rarely in orbit around our planet even when he’s not piloting Thunderbird 3, but I beleive in him, if he felt you did’nt want your fantasies made public, he won’t tell her anything that could make things awkward between you two”

Alan stepped out of the ranch stretching his arms high above his head. Gordon ran up to him and shook him by the shoulders.

“What did you tell her?” said Gordon.

“A little story about a fantasy you once had about what you’d love to take in a delux bath…squirt guns, radios, etc” Alan replied.

“Radio?” Kayo said, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah, he used to watch this one PSA when he was a kid where someone wanted to go take a bath with all of that, even if electronic equipment near any form of open water is dangerous”

“So she does’nt know about anything else?” said Gordon.

“Nothing she needs to know except from you, when you’re good and ready” Alan said, and followed that up with some more good news

“As a matter of fact, she’s impressed with your dangerous high-risk atttiude, you might be in a bit of star-gazing with her tonight if the sky is clear” replied Alan

Gordon hugged him tightly.

“Thanks Alan” he said.

“You’re welcome bro” said Alan.

As Gordon walked back into the ranch, Kayo took Alan by the arm and asked for a stroll.

“Any idea how I’m feeling right about now?” he said, looking quite pleased with himself.

“Alan, based on what Gordon beleives about you two, I’m guessing you feel about ten inches taller” Kayo replied, and kissed him on the cheek


Thunderbirds Are Go-In Purest Motion (fanfic)





(Contains Spoilers For “The Man From TB5”)

He was in her hands. If only for a moment.

She had within her power, the means to despatch her opponent.

He had lost his fortune, ill gained that it was

His wingmen easily defeated, they…


“Ah shoot” said Gordon as he tore up another piece of paper, his fourteenth in a row, and took another sheet out and attached it to the typewriter.

Suddenly, the photo on his desk began to glow radiantly, Lady Penelope was calling. Gordon patched her through.

“Gordon, hello, I was wondering if I could talk to Scott?” she said.

“Yeah, finding time to talk to everyone but me lately aren’t you?” Gordon said, huffing loudly.

“Well I can see you’re busy” Lady P noted, observing the wastepaper basket, itself vitually empty, various crumpled pieces of paper encircling it. The tell-tale signs of someone trying to net a hole in one and being not at all succesful in the endeavour.

“Sorry Penny, I’ve just been trying to come up with a decent climax to a mission log…Alan and I came up with a really unique idea” Gordon replied.

Penelope was intrigued.

“I love unique challenges, come on, spit it out”

“Well, Alan thought Kayo was a bit down after The Hood slipped out of her grasp today, so he wanted to cheer her up by treating the mission log of today’s incident like it was legit poetry, we’d each take turns writing the log”

“So what was Alan’s contribution ?” Penelope asked.

“He hasn’t written his portion yet” Gordon answered, “He’s gone up to visit John to maybe get some ideas from talking to him about his exploits. Kayo really wants to know how he fared the most. Alan’s charged me with writing the piece on how she coped”

“You’d think Alan would want to write that part of the log himself”

“To be fair, neither of us ought to write it, we were stuck on Thunderbird 5 throughout that mission with that irritant EOS…it’d be best left in someone else’s hands, someone with an actual experience of the whole thing”

“Show me what you have so far” Penelope requested.

“Alright, patching it through to your computers now” Gordon replied.

Penelope put on a pair of reading glasses and looked over the poem, right through to the parts Gordon was having difficulty with.

“I have to say Gordon, you really do have a knack for this. I hope you don’t mind if I give you a little nudge” she said.

“Sure, you were there on the ground floor” Gordon replied.

Penelope quickly thought of a means of finishing the poem.

“He had lost his fortune, ill gained that it was

His wingmen easily defeated, left deflated by their cause

The Hood slipped from Kayo’s fingers

He threw her off his scent

But she’d prevented his acquisition

You’d think her heaven sent

And those that had been salvaged

Felt glad to be alive

They owed a debt of gratitude

To the man from TB5″

Gordon rose to his feet and applauded her for the effort.

“That was precision Penelope” he said.

Penelope chuckled.

“You’re too kind Gordon, but I really must get through to Scott”

“You’re not thinknig of borrowing him for your next social are you?” asked Gordon.

“No, I was wondering if he’d do me a favor and allow you to borrow Thunderbird 1 at my request, like you wanted to. I would’nt mind being taken for a recreational whirl with a date more to my liking”

Elated by the message he could deliver, Gordon sat back down and spun his chair around in an excitable cycle. Penelope shook her head in amused embarrasment.

“She’s got the rhyme and I’ve got the rhythm” Gordon said to himself as Penelope cut off the video link, “Poetry in purest motion”

Thunderbirds Are Go-This Shadow Casts A Light




(contains spoilers for “The Man From TB5”)

John looked out at the shining starscape surrounding him and the Earth. This was all the company he needed, not the beaming and bustling crowds that were making him the talk of the town down on home soil.

“So Kayo managed to cut off The Hood’s ill-gotten fund-raising, and she was able to despatch a dozen or so of his wing-men. She really did make up for lost time did’nt she?” said EOS.

“Yeah, being grounded for so long must have really made her wings restless” replied John.

“I hope you’re still not too cross with how I managed life with your brothers” replied EOS.

“No, I get how used you are to just my company, and you came through for them when it became clear fun and games had to be shelved. Everything’s proper when you rise to the occasion”

“So what are your goals now? You’ve become quite a sensation down on Earth” EOS replied.

“I’m not one for the international man of mystery route, besides you know how hot I was in that tuxedo?”

“Hot in the ‘oh my ovaries’ sense, or hot as in boiling?” EOS joked.

“Oh cut it out, you know how I meant. Brains is lucky I did’nt rip it either, I do feel like I’ve put on some pounds”

“Maybe you’re thinking too much about the altitude you were exposed to when climbing up that cable” EOS replied.

“That’s one way of looking at it” said John

“Or maybe you take all those cameras being trained on you at face value” EOS continued.

“Ok, don’t push it” John advised.

“Anonymity is one thing John, but you really could do with loosening up. Just imagine being the life and soul at these social functions. You’ve earned every bit of that attention”

“My zone of comfort is all I care about, I’m no party man EOS, I’m a lifeline, I keep my brothers aware of the hearts that are still beating, that way they know which souls to save.”

“That was quite moving John, the socialites of the world are unlucky to lose you to the shadows”

John gazed at the Earth and blew it a kiss.

“On the other hand, they’re lucky this shadow still gets to cast such a large light on them”


Thunderbirds Are Go-Through Another’s Eyes (fanfic)





(contains spoilers for “Attack of the Reptiles”)

Alan entered the lounge with a sense that something had triggered his brother Gordon. He had been cautioned by his other brother Scott not to disturb the contents of a package that had been delivered to him.

As Alan settled into the circular seating area to the right of Gordon, he could feel something had wound his brother into a bit of a tense knot.

“So what did you want to tell me?” he asked, jumping at the chance to assert control so he could take all the credit for snapping Gordon out of his funk.

“Big rapids. Big reptiles. Big news” Gordon replied as tensely as he could.

“In that order?” Alan asked

“Reverse Order” Gordon replied.

“Ok, news first then” Alan said, urging Gordon to return, but Gordon’s eyes remained fixated on the package.

Scott barged in, shaking his head.

“You still wound up about this? You could just ask for the box to be removed” Scott replied.

“No, no, I can’t be resentful of Buddy and Eli’s good intentions. I’ll compose myself in due course Scott, thanks” said Gordon, a slight sweat gland forming on his forehead.

“Does his big news have to do with whatever’s in that crate?” asked Alan.

“Just keep talking to him Alan, eventually he’ll take you into the unknown” Scott said, before smacking himself on the head for conjuring up a bad pun that served as a tip off to what Gordon wanted to tell Alan.

Into the Unknown? Our favorite reality show?” Alan inquired excitedly, “What about it? Is this the big news?”

“Yeah, kind of is, it’s coming back for a fifteenth series” said Gordon.

Alan leapt up and down the sofa with enthusiatic glee, he punched the air multiple times, he felt almost like he could box with God.

“The heavens are fighting in my corner tonight” he said.

“Yeah, yeah, calm down, if it weren’t for me, it would’nt be possible” Gordon replied.

“Scott briefed me that you had a chance to interact with our favorite pair of intrepid explorers, but what’s spooked you out so much?”

“Just coming across those humungous repitles in those marshlands, and then receiving some as pets, just look and see”

Alan walked over to the crate and peered inside.

“Wow, they wanted to give you a piece of the action you left behind. They’re so cute too” Alan replied.

“Experiancing what they’re capable of in more negative extremes would make you form a second opinion” said Gordon.

“Oh come on, they look so dapper, besides, it hasn’t put you off watching Into the Unknown has it?”

Gordon rubbed his right shoulder, trying to unnerve himself. He managed a faint smile, “No, no if anything knowing how happy it’s renewal made you gives me all the reason to get over my own hang-ups”

“That’s the beauty of brotherhood Gordon” Alan said, putting his arm over Gordon’s shoulder, “Put aside your own experiences and learn to appreciate all over again through another’s eyes”

Thunderbirds Are Go-Dry Humor (fanfic)





(Contains Spoilers for “Power Play”)

Alan ‘s mind was racing as Thunderbird Shadow carted him back to base, having been picked up from a most perilous posistion by Kayo, ever keen to remind him that he now owed her for the lift.

“How is she going to call in my debt?” he asked himself.

“She knows I don’t like going for physical check-ups soon after a skirmish, she often relishes catching me trying to avoid one, what if she decides to tell me outright to go for one?”

Then his mind turned to a more mundane task. Shopping.

“Oh yeah, shopping” he thought, “She’ll want someone not just to carry her bags, but also probably pay for everything she happens to load up into them”

His mind, and gaze, switched to the heavens as Shadow flew through them, looking beyond the clouds and towards the stars.

“Maybe she wants to chase a comet or two with me in T3?”

He did’nt quite know why he thought of that last one, it was possible the sensations in his heart was starting to override the senses in his head.

When Thunderbird Shadow returned to Tracy Island, Kayo made her intentions clear.

“You’re going to learn how to handle the machine” she said.

Alan gulped.

“Please, don’t force it on me, I’m not prepared” he said.

“When will you ever be? Everyone’s worked it out at this stage, I know you told Grandma on several instances to teach you, but you owe it to me now after today’s mission, it’s either this, or I get you to take an immediate check-up” she replied.

Alan sighed.

“Ok, ok, I’ll learn to work the tumble dryer for you” he said, and sulkingly advanced towards the contraption in question, a coy looking Grandma standing by with a freashly soaked heap of clothes.

“Water here, water there, so much water everywhere” Alan remarked.

“And typically you’re just as salty as the the oceon water out there” Kayo asked, pointing through the window to the crystal clear waves that came in and out across the beach.

“You need to work on your dry humor just a bit” said Alan.

“Get to work kid” Grandma instructed.

Alan grumbled as he folded the wet clothes into the dryer, wishing everything from a shopping spree to a physical had come about after all.

Thunderbirds Are Go-Formidable Song (fanfic)





(contains spoilers for “Power Play”)

Scott Tracy admired the fire that could be found in a woman.

He had the ear for poetry whenever one stepped into the literal line of fire.

He could construct formiddable songs of strength, of hope, and of impeccable instincts.

They are mothers, they are teachers.

In this instance they are soldiers.

And they are life savers.

Here he was, knee deep in trouble, trying to evacuate two engineers as The Mechaniuc lay claim on turbines that were behaving most erracticly. His unquenching appetite for raw power threating to tear the dam encirling them and a nearby village apart.

But one brave member of the GDF’s back-up, a Captain Foster, stepped up to the plate, taking an assertive stance against The Mechanic, and daring to even match him in a physical sense.

Scott was eager to see the outcome of that, his admiration for the power of the sisterhood urging him not to dare intervene.

And then the formiddable fire ignited, and the skin flickered and came away, revealing the true horrors of the inferno.

A warriess that fell from heaven turned out to be a warrior forged in hell.

Foster was The Hood.

A man.

No, less than a man, a cowering snake, who had hid behind a woman’s features to slither into Eden to make trouble for one man in particular.

Scott’s thoughts turned bleak as he thought of what had become of the real Captain Foster

Did she put up a struggle? Was she a formiddable song in the end?

Would anyone know?

Thunderbirds Are Go!-Something Worse






Disclaimer: Thunderbirds is trademarked by ITV Studios. This is for non-profit.

Martin Janus had heard stories.

At first he didn’t believe them.

It wasn’t possible he thought

He never makes a mistake, he never slips up

Part of him was close to cursing the part of his soul that felt the temptation of elation.

Keep yourself in line, it’s not real. It cannot be true.

“I take it you’ve heard?” a voice interrupted from across the dark recesses of the dimly lit prison corridors.

Janus peered through the bars of his cell to find Colonel Casey of the GDF, the woman who had, with International Rescue, exposed him as a fraudster, greeting him.

“About The Hood?” asked Janus.

“The one and the same” Casey replied, “Somebody finally cut the strings off the Puppet Master. He’s in custody now”

Janus closed his eyes very briefly; to permit that portion of his soul he had been condemning a moment to savour an apology from his conscious rational mind.

“Mr. Janus?” Casey asked, checking to see if he was alright.

“It’s nothing…nothing really, go on” Janus continued.

“I was wondering if now would be a good opportunity to finish the conversation we began a few weeks ago? You need not fear him any longer”

“Anything I can tell you, he surely can. All you need now is my testimony at whatever trial you’re going to stage for him. I’d like that, a chance to play the role of expert witness” Janus replied, opting to lay down on the bed in his cell, raise his hands high above his head, and form a small ‘screen’ with them.

He began to envision his name scrolling along the info box on the main British news channels, and even what he thought the artists’ impression would be like.

“You certainly do crave attention don’t you?” Casey noted.

“Too kind” Janus replied

“I’m afraid you won’t be going anywhere any time soon. When we brought The Hood in, he deliberately let something slip. New information, we’d like to know if you had any idea about it?”

“What new information?” Janus asked.

“He claims he knows what’s coming next, there’s something out there bigger than him, and we need to know what that is”

“Bigger than The Hood? First I’m hearing about it” Janus continued.

“Are you absolutely certain?” Casey asked

“I’ve got nothing to fear or to lose. I say again, all you need now is my wilful testimony, and that’s all you’re going to get” Janus continued.

“If you insist on your day in court, I can arrange that…but let it be known that the GDF will not be permitting The Hood’s trial to go into the public arena. A direct request from International Rescue, they said it would be too…emotionally compromising. I’m sure you can understand that” Casey explained. “Now, get comfortable, your cell mate will be joining you shortly”

“My cell mate?” Janus asked, curious.

“Yes, he’s even interested in seeing you again, as a matter of fact; he could barely disguise his excitement, surprising really considering he is a master of that craft”

Janus gave her a cruel and condemning stare. He knew what she was up to.

He knew what was coming next.

“Let me make this perfectly clear to you Mr. Janus. So long as you, The Hood or anyone who opposes or tries to pull a fast one on the GDF, there will always be something worse than the Hood and whatever is behind him to fear…and that’s me”

Col. Casey slowly walked back into the dimly lit corridors, leaving Martin Janus to curse her name, and to resume cursing his soul all over again for daring to indulge in hope.

For hope was a terrible thing on the scaffold.