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Thunderbirds Are Go-Dry Humor (fanfic)





(Contains Spoilers for “Power Play”)

Alan ‘s mind was racing as Thunderbird Shadow carted him back to base, having been picked up from a most perilous posistion by Kayo, ever keen to remind him that he now owed her for the lift.

“How is she going to call in my debt?” he asked himself.

“She knows I don’t like going for physical check-ups soon after a skirmish, she often relishes catching me trying to avoid one, what if she decides to tell me outright to go for one?”

Then his mind turned to a more mundane task. Shopping.

“Oh yeah, shopping” he thought, “She’ll want someone not just to carry her bags, but also probably pay for everything she happens to load up into them”

His mind, and gaze, switched to the heavens as Shadow flew through them, looking beyond the clouds and towards the stars.

“Maybe she wants to chase a comet or two with me in T3?”

He did’nt quite know why he thought of that last one, it was possible the sensations in his heart was starting to override the senses in his head.

When Thunderbird Shadow returned to Tracy Island, Kayo made her intentions clear.

“You’re going to learn how to handle the machine” she said.

Alan gulped.

“Please, don’t force it on me, I’m not prepared” he said.

“When will you ever be? Everyone’s worked it out at this stage, I know you told Grandma on several instances to teach you, but you owe it to me now after today’s mission, it’s either this, or I get you to take an immediate check-up” she replied.

Alan sighed.

“Ok, ok, I’ll learn to work the tumble dryer for you” he said, and sulkingly advanced towards the contraption in question, a coy looking Grandma standing by with a freashly soaked heap of clothes.

“Water here, water there, so much water everywhere” Alan remarked.

“And typically you’re just as salty as the the oceon water out there” Kayo asked, pointing through the window to the crystal clear waves that came in and out across the beach.

“You need to work on your dry humor just a bit” said Alan.

“Get to work kid” Grandma instructed.

Alan grumbled as he folded the wet clothes into the dryer, wishing everything from a shopping spree to a physical had come about after all.

Thunderbirds Are Go-Formidable Song (fanfic)





(contains spoilers for “Power Play”)

Scott Tracy admired the fire that could be found in a woman.

He had the ear for poetry whenever one stepped into the literal line of fire.

He could construct formiddable songs of strength, of hope, and of impeccable instincts.

They are mothers, they are teachers.

In this instance they are soldiers.

And they are life savers.

Here he was, knee deep in trouble, trying to evacuate two engineers as The Mechaniuc lay claim on turbines that were behaving most erracticly. His unquenching appetite for raw power threating to tear the dam encirling them and a nearby village apart.

But one brave member of the GDF’s back-up, a Captain Foster, stepped up to the plate, taking an assertive stance against The Mechanic, and daring to even match him in a physical sense.

Scott was eager to see the outcome of that, his admiration for the power of the sisterhood urging him not to dare intervene.

And then the formiddable fire ignited, and the skin flickered and came away, revealing the true horrors of the inferno.

A warriess that fell from heaven turned out to be a warrior forged in hell.

Foster was The Hood.

A man.

No, less than a man, a cowering snake, who had hid behind a woman’s features to slither into Eden to make trouble for one man in particular.

Scott’s thoughts turned bleak as he thought of what had become of the real Captain Foster

Did she put up a struggle? Was she a formiddable song in the end?

Would anyone know?

Thunderbirds Are Go!-Something Worse






Disclaimer: Thunderbirds is trademarked by ITV Studios. This is for non-profit.

Martin Janus had heard stories.

At first he didn’t believe them.

It wasn’t possible he thought

He never makes a mistake, he never slips up

Part of him was close to cursing the part of his soul that felt the temptation of elation.

Keep yourself in line, it’s not real. It cannot be true.

“I take it you’ve heard?” a voice interrupted from across the dark recesses of the dimly lit prison corridors.

Janus peered through the bars of his cell to find Colonel Casey of the GDF, the woman who had, with International Rescue, exposed him as a fraudster, greeting him.

“About The Hood?” asked Janus.

“The one and the same” Casey replied, “Somebody finally cut the strings off the Puppet Master. He’s in custody now”

Janus closed his eyes very briefly; to permit that portion of his soul he had been condemning a moment to savour an apology from his conscious rational mind.

“Mr. Janus?” Casey asked, checking to see if he was alright.

“It’s nothing…nothing really, go on” Janus continued.

“I was wondering if now would be a good opportunity to finish the conversation we began a few weeks ago? You need not fear him any longer”

“Anything I can tell you, he surely can. All you need now is my testimony at whatever trial you’re going to stage for him. I’d like that, a chance to play the role of expert witness” Janus replied, opting to lay down on the bed in his cell, raise his hands high above his head, and form a small ‘screen’ with them.

He began to envision his name scrolling along the info box on the main British news channels, and even what he thought the artists’ impression would be like.

“You certainly do crave attention don’t you?” Casey noted.

“Too kind” Janus replied

“I’m afraid you won’t be going anywhere any time soon. When we brought The Hood in, he deliberately let something slip. New information, we’d like to know if you had any idea about it?”

“What new information?” Janus asked.

“He claims he knows what’s coming next, there’s something out there bigger than him, and we need to know what that is”

“Bigger than The Hood? First I’m hearing about it” Janus continued.

“Are you absolutely certain?” Casey asked

“I’ve got nothing to fear or to lose. I say again, all you need now is my wilful testimony, and that’s all you’re going to get” Janus continued.

“If you insist on your day in court, I can arrange that…but let it be known that the GDF will not be permitting The Hood’s trial to go into the public arena. A direct request from International Rescue, they said it would be too…emotionally compromising. I’m sure you can understand that” Casey explained. “Now, get comfortable, your cell mate will be joining you shortly”

“My cell mate?” Janus asked, curious.

“Yes, he’s even interested in seeing you again, as a matter of fact; he could barely disguise his excitement, surprising really considering he is a master of that craft”

Janus gave her a cruel and condemning stare. He knew what she was up to.

He knew what was coming next.

“Let me make this perfectly clear to you Mr. Janus. So long as you, The Hood or anyone who opposes or tries to pull a fast one on the GDF, there will always be something worse than the Hood and whatever is behind him to fear…and that’s me”

Col. Casey slowly walked back into the dimly lit corridors, leaving Martin Janus to curse her name, and to resume cursing his soul all over again for daring to indulge in hope.

For hope was a terrible thing on the scaffold.