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Doctor Who TV Movie Edit-Samples

With work on Hell Bent concluded, I’ve since moved forward with revisiting something I edited years ago, only┬ánow that I have new ideas for the project.

My earlier edits of the Paul McGann Doctor Who TV Movie proved ultimately too creatively reckless. I had tried to remove and alter too much in order to make it mystifying and a lot more exciting and I wound up with more plot holes than even Moffat would reasonably allow.

So with this approach, the changes are about as minimalist as possible. The biggest addition is this, footage of Anthony Ainley from the PC Video game “Destiny of the Doctors”. Ainley, the fourth actor to play the Master and the third (or 14th) overall “incarnation” of the notorious renegade, never got a proper farewell story (and died before Big Finish could ever give him one like they did Colin Baker’s Doctor) so that needed to be addressed immediately.


Following this, I decided to push the opening credits back by a few minutes, so there was proper tension, and going to the titles just as the camera zooms in on The Doctor’s look of silent shock at the empty slime-covered box was a note perfect moment to send you off into a grand adventure


Other edits included the removal of the notorious snogs between The Doctor and Grace. This proved initially tricky, but I think I worked around it well:

Finally, inspired a bit by a trick utlized by Whoflix, I decided to end it on The Doctor, Grace and Lee heading off to Gallifrey in the TARDIS, and concluded the edit with the Big Finish version of the Eighth Doctor theme (a leftover idea from my more primitive McGann edit)