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Centurions-The Feature Length Series Finale [Fanedit]

Towards the end of the one and only season of Centurions there are several multi-part adventures that serve as functional series finales. There is the epic five-parter Man Or Machine which reveals the origins of the Centurions, Doc Terror and Hacker and involves a battle to liberate Skyvault from Terror and stop an alien machine from destroying humanity.

Other candidates include’ To Dare Dominion which appears to kill off Terror and Hacker completely and wipes out their base of operations after they unleash a near universe-consuming Lovecraftian nightmare, and The Better Half, where Terror and Hacker’s robot halves combine to create an even more powerful and malevolent threat, forcing them to ally with the Centurions and destroy those parts of themselves. The story also resolves the Belligerent Sexual Tension between Centurion Ace and Crystal Kane, as the two finally kiss.

So I figured, why don’t we just combine all those potential ‘outs’ and see what we get out of it?


-Doc Terror and Hacker working on the continuum-crashing vortex moved to the start of the edit, so the audience is informed of what’s to come after the crisis with Gog is averted

-Entire Uniborg plot of “The Better Half” removed, we only use the Ace/Crystal parts

-Inserted footage from the early series episode “Operation: Starfall” after Ace is beamed back aboard Skyvault in rough shape, this sets up the Ace/Crystal romance later -Crystal is no longer shown to be embarrassed by Ace kissing her in front of his friends, doesn’t get her own back afterwards when Lucky kisses him (Lucy does eventually kiss him, but Crystal isn’t around to laugh at it) -Max’s response to Jake regarding the fate of Doc Terror removed. He is definitively dead to serve the purpose of this edit, which is to give us closure.

Use of the scene from “Man or Machine” where Rex and John are accepted into the Centurions now moved to the very end. Ace attempting to ask someone else out on a date removed, as he’s with Crystal now. Most commercial break fades have been retained for two reasons

1. Sheer lazyness on my part

2. Wanting to give it the feel of a first-run TV Movie on cable with plenty of ads in between (add them if you wish)

But, Really, mostly lazyness.