An Appropriate Lie [Original Poem]

It’s crystal clear

Mutual attraction

Then all her pain is inside of you

Not even a fraction

You dare not move aside out of fear she’ll reject you

But was she ever yours is the question you’ll ask few

Those who have witnessed your last testimony

And know you’re sincere in your tall told stories

They’ll look to the sky and grace god with a wink

And pray the realisation occurs in the second reserved for a blink

Because you need to realise that while it’s not fair

You’re leading her through a storm that’s not there

And she’s about to provide you with her fair share

Did you ever stop to think of that cross to bear?]

Or was this when you woke up from the nightmare?

She starts to speak and ignores those behind you

The ones that stand their ground and pull through

They’re all smiles and it hurts to laugh

Now that you’re prepared for the aftermath

You’re right there in front and she starts to cry

And you’re left locked in the shell of an appropriate lie.