Doctor Who: Leave The Dead to Dust [Audio Reading]

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Faint Signs [Original Poem]


I wasn’t missing out
On what came from within
Never turned my back on those
That kept on looking in
As I checked my pulse for signs
Of the loved lives in between
I realized everyone who noticed
Was more than what they seemed
Now I can stand in the daylight
And boldly address the night
Knowing that the souls that dare look down
Will join me in the fight
If the connections are right
The feelings will follow
And the sin of those faint signs
Will remind us we’re mortal

Doctor Who-World Enough and Time [Fanedit]


Nice tits Hartnell.


Well, something cheif among Sidney Newman’s final requests for the show has come to pass [another desire was retro generation, we’ll cover that eventually in my lifetime too I’m sure…probably once Tennant runs out of lucky dimes over in Duckberg], congratulation to Jodi Whittiker as she takes a man’s key and inserts it into her hole to spread her legs across the milky way.


…What do you mean that came out wrong?

Anyhoo, don’t think of this edit as a part of my series ten revisited series, I already have an altogether different plan for the finale of that particular series…no, no this is strictly some quick fun I ¬†opted to have with the series ten finale.

Since it aired, I have always felt the ideal opportunity was to have had Capaldi make a surprise exit in ”The Doctor Falls”..why should he rehash the resistance to change when Eleven assured us that we must always keep moving and never forget who we were? Capaldi spending sixty minutes moaning about it fresh off us eating our Christmas dinner may not be what happens, but it’ll form part of it, and I think that’s such a shame…better to go out in a blaze of grace

A lot of the edits you’ll see here will show up in my revisited version, but not all of them, and the first and latter halves is pretty much note for note unaltered aside from a couple of nips and tucks to join the episodes up, and of course, a very special ending.

I need to go back to the kitchen now…and Jodi needs to go back to the TARDIS…and towards the future.

password: tardis

Doctor Who: Series Ten Revisited-Knock Knock [Fanedit]

Knock Knock II


We’re a week late with this, but believe me, it was a doozy trying to make it work with what was left of the episode after using some of it for other entries in this series. The first version I had made use of several deleted scenes, but I realized some of the scenes cut off abruptly [in fact, the one I kept still does] and didn’t make for a very satisfactory finale, so a lot of what I didn’t like about Knock Knock had to be kept in to pad everything out, that includes, sadly, the fact everyone comes back to life at the end.

Other than the deleted scene I wound up keeping and the new pre titles sequence, there isn’t anything all too radical about this one I’m afraid, and I still haven’t been quite able to make it forty five minutes, so you’ll have to settle for it being ten minutes shorter

Next Friday we’ll be meeting a chap called Friday and the Empress of Mars

Password: tardis

The Matrix Revoloaded [Fanedit]

…Probably the dumbest title I’ve ever made for an edit but I’m in a cute enough mood for one today


The Matrix sequels are, to quote the Colonel from KFC, ”An escalating probability of disaster”. While I have all the time in the world for philosophy, people just want to turn their brains off when it comes to movies that deliver big action set pieces and not have to worry about whether or not we should be sitting on our arses pondering whether cumming ourselves is due to a poetic programmer inserting the feeling into us with a chocolate eclair.

I’ll have what she’s having by the way.

What I decided to do with the crammed sandwich that is Reloaded and Revolutions was to basically boil it down to a very simplified premise of Neo on a quest to reach the source and save Zion, only to run afoul of people trying to obstruct him and the escalating threat of Smith. The hows and whys of Smith being there are so irrelevant the movies barely offer an explanation…and I think Neo receiving the package and The Oracle’s explanation of Smith simply being Neo’s opposite and negative is a more thorough way of conveying to the audience that it simply is what it is…the equation trying to balance itself out.

Speaking of The Oracle..sorry Gloria Foster, but I think you need to sit this one out. One Oracle more than suffices for the telling of this tale and a little crafty editing here and there hopefully ensures Neo and the audience understands why she is different enough to just roll with it.

The Oracle scenes and the burly brawl with Smith aside, nothing else from Revolutions carries over…well, ok, I had to do something with Sati, but there really isn’t much of her, don’t worry.

My initial idea was to have Neo enter the door of light and find himself battling Smith in the climatic burly brawl, but then I discovered another faneditor,’s Wraith, had already utilized a similar climax for his edit. Luckily, I had already stumbled on an alternate ending I was strongly considering and I got to use that instead.

I didn’t bother with end credits for this one…too much of a fuss.

No Zion, no super powers outside the Matrix, no kid, no loss of faith from Morpheus, just the story of men and women both of and against the literal system. Get jacked in.

password: neo