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Doctor Who: 13/Graham: Worth Fighting For [Music Video]

‘Cause the tea at Yazs’ is cold.


password: doctor


Deadpool 2: No Good Dead [Fanedit Sample]


I decided to insert the “No Good Deed” Deadpool short into the actual Deadpool 2 feature, and tried to transistion from that to when he heads towards the taxi, I intended to convey that the people responsible for murdering the homeless man were now after Wade for. I also took the opertunity to place Cable’s introduction at the beginning of the movie.


password: deadpool

Doctor Who-World Enough And Time [Fanedit]


It’s 2017, and Peter Capaldi’s time as The Doctor is up. Determined to perform one last defiant act of kindness, the good man makes his journey into night battling the forces of the Mondassian Cybermen, a battle which brings him to death’s door. On the brink of death he is saved by his loyal companion Bill Potts and brought to the safety of the TARDIS. Bill heads off on her own journey, leaving The Doctor to experience the miracle of the time lords…

…Or rather would have if Chris Chibnall hadn’t been a sodding diva and opted not to start his run with a Christmas special, forcing Steven Moffat to helm one more special which just about disgraced and sullied the memory of William Hartnell, undermined the conclusion to Bill’s story and dragged out a regeneration with a speech that seemingly went on forever before Capaldi let the part go.

So here, we avoid all of that…as well as The Doctor virtue signalling  about the time lords and gender change, we hold back on all the foreshadowing and merge both parts of the series ten finale “World Enough and Time” and “The Doctor Falls”, as well as the final moments of “Twice Upon A Time” to give Capaldi a “brilliant” send-off

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Doctor Who-Rosa [Fanedit]

Snapshot 2 (22-10-2018 21-27)

A relevant look into the shocking effects of sereggation in 1950s America, “Rosa” is’nt quite a masterpiece or one of the best epiosdes we’ve seen of the show…but that’s exactly what the NPCs of the Youtube generation will have you believe. Best sort them out another time eh?

I enjoyed the story, as my fics and music videos ‘shipping Jon Pertwee with the bloke off the Chase and a big brash space racist can attest, but I of course hadn’t forgotten about my ongoing mission to carry on where Whoflix left off and edit Jodie’s tenure in the TARDIS, and so here we are

One of my biggest plot niggles from the episode was the whole mess with the villain sending James Blake off to Mill Creek..padding of the highest calibre, and since these episodes seem to work much better when trimmed down to a more manageable 40-odd minute length, out it went as well as all references to it…also out is Ryan gushing on about his late nan to Doctor King

And there’s your lot…I’ll wait ’till I have a clean version of the shortened end credit theme without the sodding BBC continuity announcer talking all over it before I entertain the idea of replacing that annoying pop song.


Doctor Who-A Price To Pay (Doctor/Krasco/Graham)

Full length “Rosa” fanedit coming later today lads, but first…some ‘shipping fun.


…Yes, I’m sick, and I need help. I’m essentially imagining William Hartnell making out with Bradley Walsh, what is wrong with me?

Actually, in today’s day and age…more like what’s relevant with me?

But yes, I ‘ship Doc and Graham a bit after they posed as a couple, combined with the Doctor’s baffled look at his arm on her shoulder…it was the most convenient way to end this very short music video, which is padded out by all the very subtle foe yay going on between the Doc and time traversing villain Krasco.

password: doctor

Doctor Who-The Ghost Monument [Fanedit]

Snapshot 1 (21-10-2018 14-07)

Episode two of the new series doesn’t have much replay value…a lot if it is just lots of talking to pad out the running time. Strong character work you might say if you were really trying to find something to like about this, but I figure you’re here to see the players get on with things.

Out went the “trust exercise” story and all that waffle about still loving your mother despite being abused. Takes a special kind of tolerance for that one.

Also out were any references to the Stenzon and the Timeless Child….if you’re going to say “we’re doing no story arcs this year” Chibnall, we might as well hold you to your word even if you won’t.