Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut: Fourth Option [Fanedit]

I’ve turned the world back and revisited one of my older edits once more. This revised version of “Fourth Option” features a few additional tweeks to the finish product besides the ending this time.

For instance, I thought it’d be a bit comical if Lex and Tessmarcher snuck into the fortress of solitude while Lois and Clark were sleeping. Lex doesn’t yell “IT’S FANTASTIC”, otherwise he’d wake the pair of them up.

What was so brilliantly well timed about all this, very happy accident here, was that while you can hear Lex and Tessmarcher quietly acknowledge how “fantastic” the fortress is, it’s enough to briefly stir Lois out of her slumber before she snuggles back into the sack with Supes.

Also gone is Lex tinkering with the education crystals and stumbles on the poem ‘trees’ read by Jor-El. Instead, now Jor-El tells them of the Kryptonian criminals right out of the gate. This is what we want to hear.

It also serves as necessary backstory, as I decided to also remove the recap of Superman The Movie at the start. I always felt this was much better for the pacing of the movie. Assuming you haven’t seen Superman Superman The Movie first, it is better we learn about Zod and company at the same time as Lex does.

Lastly, in a minor fix, Clark greets Lois at the Planet and Lois teases blurting out his ID in public before typing in her headline. Clark’s gonna be kept awful busy now that Lois is sticking by him, he’ll need all the energy.

Star Wars: Legend of the Resistance [Fanedit]

Given time, given paitence, given skill, you can spin a silver lining on your needle and attach it to the cloud. This is a 3-in-1 sequel trilogy recut using the majority of The Force Awakens as the meat. Only a few minutes or so of Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker have been utilised.

The rest is padded out by the Kylo vs Vader fanfilm at the start (in itself a prequel to the start of Force Awakens) and footage from The Mandalorian for key sequences in Starkiller Base (you know the one)

This will probably be my last say on the sequel trilogy as it currently stands. .

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