Doctor Who-The Time of the Doctor

Exciting times ahead for DW fans. Power of the Daleks may be getting an officially sanctioned animated adaptation, CLASS’s premiere is but a month away, and then there’s only a few weeks until the Christmas special. Before you know it, we’ll be well on our way to the moment we’ve all been prepared for, Moffat’s departure

But cast your minds back to 2013 when we were all prepared for another sudden departure, as Matt Smith boweed out of the TARDIS and made room for our current holder of the house…or box, or whatever.

Yes, from the vault of edits passed, I bring you my long overdue edit of Time of the Doctor.


I first dabbled in an edit of this not long after it’s 2013 transmission and with this version I made adjustments and improvements to the elements I changed. We don’t get any nudity/holographic clothes here, a lot of that was very easy to smooth over with the aid of the television soundtrack. Also gone is the whole of Clara’s interactions with her family as well as Eleven’s long-winded speech and phantom Amy. Here, The Doctor regenerates at the belltower and comes up the TARDIS steps as Capaldi.

A well prepared moment for us all.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words [and even thanks for the rant, it ought to inform people who view this edit even more of what’s narratively wrong with this one, sometimes I just don’t have the energy to go into that much criticism]

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  2. Great work here — although again, I must say that I guess this episode is simply beyond saving, even after all of your excellent cuts!

    I’m glad you got rid of “creepy, stalking, taking off Clara’s clothes without her permission for a laugh.” I’m also glad you got rid of the weird Generic Family, which is neither the family that she nannied in “Bells of St. John” nor is it any group of characters we’d eventually get to know better. I’m glad you were able to keep in some of the turkey gags, though.

    I’m glad that Matt Smith no longer starts regenerating and then abruptly has time to stop and make a big speech. And since Karen Gillan insisted that Amy never be allowed to return, forcing Steven Moffat to write a confusing script to make that happen, I’m glad that she doesn’t come back for a pointless cameo after all. Your snip to get us to Capaldi right away was elegant and seamless.

    There are so many things that make me cringe about the episode that no amount of editing could get around:

    The return of the crack in time, after the 2010 season finale took care of that pretty definitively. (And if it didn’t, why isn’t it still a problem for Capaldi?)

    The multiple times that Matt Smith abandons Clara, leading to a repetitive plot (and since he gets progressively older, and his reaction indicates he hasn’t seen her in ages, there’s no way to get around that).

    The Doctor’s confusing aging process. So he ages 200 years in “The Impossible Astronaut” and still looks like a young man in his 20s, but a couple more centuries suddenly turns him into a withered old man?

    The ability of the Doctor to cheat death once again and keep regenerating, despite having already seen that his future ends on Trenzalore (and according to “Angels Take Manhattan,” once he’s seen it, it can’t be changed).

    The inexplicable floating power pellet from the Time Lords that the Doctor swallows, which everyone assumes to mean he’s got a whole new 12-regeneration cycle, despite it never actually being explained in the show.

    All right, sorry for my ranting. There’s more, but I’ll just say that I hope Capaldi gets a good send-off, ’cause so far, we’re 1 for 3 in the modern regenerations. (Eccleston’s remains the best of the bunch, by a considerable margin.)

    Anyway, this is another edit that I could show to people, and most of them wouldn’t even know that anything is missing. Great job!

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